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Keepaway/Shams/Wish/Teengirl Fantasy @ Death By Audio [2/27/10]

28 Feb

Brooklyn experimental (animal collective wannabes?) Keepaway started off the night with a dynamically winding set- sipping sauza between songs

Okay, this guy was fucking crazy. Using an iphone and two mics lined through a series of petals (super shifter/hyper metal/digital delay), Shams delivered an electro set trumped with noisy breaks and effected vocal hooks. The music posted on his myspace doesn’t do Shams justice- the tunes posted are just the base of the madness

These guys were ridiculous. Calling themselves Wish, they played a set of dance music in a haze…of american spirits. Really reverby and messy, but that kick drum kept everybody dancing. Over the course of their set the dude on the right struck yoga poses on the stage behind him, downed a joose, and burnt a $10 bill, striking a pose as it flamed in his hand

Teengirl Fantasy stuck to the basics. They just set up their projector, ran some trippy visuals, and bumped their shit.


Bright and Sunny Day

28 Feb

NEXT month is going to be an amazing month as far as remixes goes, undoubtedly some of the most memorable tracks of 2010 will be released in time for Spring Break. Everyone seems to have their eyes on these progressive house guys from UK, a group called Way Out West.  Some of their latest hits include “One Love”, “Future Perfect” . Way Out West has even had a track remixed by Gabriel and Dresden – the duo responsible for that foreboding Nip Tuck intro. What was the result? With the EMD subculture it’s all about meshing the artists to get the fans to overlap and create an even bigger pool of like minded listeners. That’s certainly doesn’t mean a sacrifice in quality- take this latest teaser as ordained evidence of something legendary stirring in the Ides of March. Remixes yet to be released include those by that guy from São Paulo- Gui Boratto and UK drum & bass artist Logistics to name just two.

The Gift – Original Mix

The Gift – *Teaser*

^Listen to that drop @ 7 minutes and 24 seconds, orgasmic^

The Gift – Logistics Remix

Have s Sunny Day 🙂

Come down.

26 Feb

What have you been filling your head with these days? I bet you it’s synthetic. Electronic. Recycled (plastic) goodies? Well, it’s time to come back down to earth; back to your roots. I’m here to give it to you. That Motel de Moka(esque) post to cure you of your synthetic illness, at least temporarily. For a not so obnoxious transition back into “alternia,” here are some tracks that have been keeping me from falling into total electronic hysteria.

Joanna Newsom – Good Intentions (download thru SoundCloud player)

Catch her while you can [VIA BrooklynVegan]

Joanna Newsom – 2010 Tour Dates
1/16/10 Brisbane, Australia – The Tivoli
1/18/10 Sydney, Australia – Sydney Opera House
1/20/10 Melbourne, Australia – The Forum Theatre
1/21/10 Canberra, Australia – The Playhouse
1/23/10 Wollongong, Australia – Anita’s Theatre
1/30/10 Christchurch, New Zealand – The Harbourlight
1/31/10 Wellington, New Zealand – The Paramount *
2/02/10 Aukland, New Zealand – The Dorothy Winstone Centre *
2/06/10 Osaka, Japan – Sunsui
2/07/10 Tokyo, Japan – Unit
3/12/10 Grand Rapids, MI – Calvin College Chapel
3/15/10 Montreal, QC – Ukrainian Federation
3/17/10 Cambridge, MA – Sanders Theatre
3/19/10 Philadelphia, PA – First Unitarian Church
3/20/10 Philadelphia, PA – First Unitarian Church
3/22/10 Washington, DC – Sixth & I Historic Synagogue
3/26/10 Atlanta, GA – Variety Playhouse
3/27/10 Knoxville, TN – Big Ears Festival
4/02/10 Milwaukee, WI – Pabst Theater
* with Bachelorette

The Morning Benders – Excuses (download thru SoundCloud player)

WITCH – Strange Dream (download thru SoundCloud player)

Sharp megapixels got your eye? Check out the artist here and support some other unknown artsy farts.


24 Feb

Start your day off with this vintage rendition of Justice’s D.A.N.C.E.  Hawa, a Lyon based soul singer turns the jaunty children’s vocals into an earnest, soulful melody.

D.A.N.C.E (Justice Cover) – Hawa

Get your heart rate worked up with more beats per minute in Theophilus London’s presentation of Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You.  Bouncy bass, handclaps, paired with shoutouts to London and Brooklyn, all over a glitchy version of Whitney.

Always Love You (Whitney Houston Cover)  – Theophilus London

Going along with the 90s theme, Spirit Animal freshens up a Timbaland beat with some dissonant electro.  Goes pretty well with the blatant sexuality of the song.

Pony (Ginuwine Cover) – Spirit Animal

And to wind down, a Radiohead cover by Mojib, yet another musically inclined Swede.  This version is purely instrumentals with harmonic strings conveying the melody.  The piano is a nice touch too.

Paranoid Android (Radiohead Cover) – Mojib


23 Feb

i read an article on vice the other day about adult breastfeeding, where guys and girls get off by, well, you know. its called erotic lactation and apparently it can really strengthen the bond between partners? like i needed another reason to pounce whenever my gf takes her shirt off. just a tip: do not offer this to your lady as truce after a bad fight… or atleast wait till she calms down a bit.

mp3 download

anyways, music: the XX are an OK band whose stock has gone up thanks to CMJ and that ad starring anime star and figure-skater Apolo Ohno. their CD is decent, but forgettable, which makes both of these excellent tracks stand apart. the first is a remix of their song ‘VCR’ by Matthew Dear aka Digitalism Audion. he’s a cool, multi-faceted artist/producer, and this funky beat is simply thumpin.. get ready to pop them hips.

mp3 download

next up is an XX rework of Florence and the Machine‘s ‘You’ve Got the Love.’ the instrumental is a jingly take on the original and the beat has a decent low end. also, the male and female vocals mirror each other nicely here… hey wait a minute, i guess this is more of a cover than a remix innit? they do cut up a sample of the original vocal pretty cool toward the end though. and look at that, someone even dubbed it over the original video… AND put it on VIMEO. i say that’s a double thumbs up with handcuffs.

Children of the Night

19 Feb

I’m gonna be completely honest,  I don’t know if this is any good.  At all.  I haven’t even finished the second song.  However, this EP’s artwork is too good not to share with the rest of the world.  Looking for some New York mixtape rappers with an awesome cover?  Thought so.

Children of the Night present: Yes/No.

They even did a remix of a Vampire Weekend song that should get your postmodern/p4k/pbr senses tingling.
[via 2dopeboyz]

I would like to draw the reader’s attention to the crisp 500×500 pixel album artwork at the top of this post.  You might be thinking, “Who cares how many pixels wide or tall the image is? I just want to see the album artwork.”  If you did think this, you are probably stupid and don’t understand how the internet works.  You probably watch your videos on YouTube instead of Vimeo, a rookie mistake.  Despite all this, we here at YeahDevelop care about our readership and will lead your internet experience in the right direction.  It is this type of attention to detail that makes reading YeahDevelop a truly worthwhile experience, and for that, you are welcome.

¡disco 09!

17 Feb

Satisfaction is the death of Desire

16 Feb

Does everyone feel like their life could be in a movie, or is it just me? maybe it is because it is past four in the morning and snowing outside or maybe it is because i dream in third person. either way, who the fuck cares?  i know this rant must be inspired by the restlessness that comes with forcing/willing yourself to sleep and the fact that i’m listening to atlas sound and coldplay, yes, coldplay (i have a soft spot from illicit weekday sleepovers at my best friend’s house in highschool. her mom would exclusively listen to coldplay in the car) but whatever. i had one of those moments tonight, after a painful commute on the subway with way too many heavy bags. walking back, snow in my hair, blurring my vision. i shamelessly sit down on this wet ledge and have a cig. i’m listening to life in LA, looking up into the thick, opaque sky, snow falling in fat clumps in front of the orange street light, enjoying the fuck out of this cig and totally content ( if only for the seven-ten minutes it takes for an american spirit to burn). i hate the word nostalgia and i hate not being able to sleep.

Tracks (you prob have, but worth posting anyways) :

Life in LA – ariel pink

Weekend EP – atlas sound

Day of Radiance

14 Feb

walking outside today is strange: the wind is cold but the sun is hot. slush puddles all over broadway and here i am buying flowers. it makes me miss summer days spent downtown and the fountains and shady patches of green with the gold bursting through. we would lay and trace lines on hot skin with eyes closed and sigh and think about nothing at all… bukowski said something about moments like that. i’m leaving soon, for a long time. but pictures of you with the skirts and the sunglasses and smiles on your lips and smiles in wide eyes will spin from colored strings all the while… always waiting. always returning.


12 Feb

-12.12.10, Weekly Stream, Marching on the Moon with Lisa-

1. Magic Man-Daugther  2. Surfcity-Dickshakers Union 3. Satin Peaches -Still Sour 4. Memoryhouse-Lately 5. Souvlaki Space Station-Slow Dive