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TONIGHT: Asobi Seksu & Arms

29 Jan

The semester has hardly started, which means that midterms are just around the corner! But instead of worrying about that on a frigid friday night, why not check out le poisson rouge? (vvv)

its a great space, and tonight its gonna be filled with great music. If you’re not familiar, Asobi Seksu (“play sex”) is a shoegaze/ dream pop band from New York. Their beautiful vocals (sometimes in English, sometimes in Japanese, sometimes a combo) are provided by Yuki Chikudate, while James Hanna brings layer upon layer of fuzzy guitar. The result is something simultaneously upbeat and melancholy… Basically, if Lost In Translation were a band, that band would be asobi seksu(?) I’ve been a huge fan since their 2006 album Citrus, which I would highly recommend. Check out the video for their song Transparence, which is from their 2009 album Hush:

gimme dat

playing with seksu is Todd Goldstein’s new project ARMS.

his music is driven by heartfelt, sometimes dark songwriting, underscored by simple, dynamic guitar lines. Instrumentally, his sound is very American-rock n roll: little bit of reverb, some occasional twang… this stuff even borders on country at some points. some have compared him to conor oberst, probably because he can sound a bit whiny at times. either way, Todd makes good pop tunes. the single Shitty Little Disco will be great live…

oh i almost forgot, both of these performances will be acoustic. how intimate is that? no its seriously gonna be a good show, check out this media and look into tix. if this all looks a bit soft, check out The Crystal Method’s DJ set over at webster hall… 19+ and only $1 before midnight. Bmo will definitely be there slam-dancin so be sure to say whatup.

To see all of our recommended performances around New York for the month of February, check out our new and improved Almighty List. If you think we’ve missed one, let us know!


yeahDef presents: Toro Y Moi

26 Jan

Cheers to the first installment of YeahDef, a new outlet for artist interviews and casual video adventures through the nyc music scene. Here we have footage from Toro Y moi’s set at Brooklyn Bowl from December 2009 (the video has literally been uploading to vimeo since the day after the show). Chaz Bundick’s chillwave glo-gaze shoe-house experiment is, in the humble opinion of YeahD, one of the most original and largely overlooked of this new “genre.” Check out some live clips from his set and listen to Chaz talk about South Carolina, his friendship with Ernest Greene of Washed Out , and all-yall fuggin hipsters!

If you missed DP’s original post on toro y moi, check it out here. Also, be on the look out for Chaz’s full-length “Causers of This,” which officially debuts 2 Feb.

Sound Advice

21 Jan

Shin Nishimura-

 Shin Nishimura, Japan’s numero uno played in Beijing a week ago and I am so very disheartened that I missed it. Deep, deep sigh…  However! The ex-Yakuza Dj Krush is playing at the Bowery in NY on the 26th, that’s a Tuesday night kiddies, but more than worth arriving late for your Wednesday morning class- it’s the beginning of the year and it’s probably only a syllabus and some regurgitated b.s. about regulations and absenteeism …right? Hit us up on gmail or fb and join the crew.

But if you dance like this you won’t have any friends…I won’t be your friend.

Those A Mochi tracks are spicyhot, I will put the EP BlackOut up at the end of the week.



He may look as old as your old as your all man, but such is someone legendary, as for his music- timeless.  

Ishi was born in 1962 in Tokyo. Ishi dropped out of school at an early age and joined a local gang, and a few years later, the yakuza. Early into his career as a yakuza underling, Ishi discovered a severed finger wrapped in paper on his desk. Later, after discovering that it had belonged to his best friend, he decided to leave the yakuza and cut ties with the criminal underworld.

One day in the early 1980s, Ishi went to the movies with his girlfriend and saw the film Wild Style, the first hip hop motion picture directed by Charlie Ahearn. He quickly got the inspiration to become a hip hop musician, and made the firm decision to become a DJ. The day after seeing this movie, he headed to instrument shops looking for equipment. At this time the term “mixer” was unknown to most of Tokyo’s electronic store salesmen. After having a hard time buying the things he needed, Ishi started his career as one of the first hip hop artists in Japan. The tracks below are downloadable.


Huntsville International

17 Jan

Being both literate and from Alabama is an interesting experience. Once outside of the south, admitting your heritage will draw quizzical looks if you’re not carrying a pitchfork and wearing overalls, but eventually most people are willing to accept it. Even despite your best efforts, you can never really escape it.  When ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ comes on the radio, you’ll know exactly where to insert “Roll Tide Roll” in the chorus. Despite a long, storied tradition of embarrassment, there are many times when being from Alabama is a point of pride. Cue G-Side.

G-Side has been a part of the Alabama hip-hop scene that has included such talent as 6 Tre Gangsta (of “Fresh” fame), Jackie Chain (did a remix with Kid CuDi), Paper Route Gangstaz (Mixtape with Diplo), and Yelawolf (Featured with Juelz Santana), which has been blowing up on the internet over the past year. From a solid p4k rating and “Best New Music” designation to mentions in Fader and the New York Times, Huntsville’s rap scene has been getting a ton of attention online, but has been unable to convert this into mainstream success thus far.

For Huntsville natives, this transformation has been particularly interesting. For most of us, Huntsville is the home of Wikipedia’s founder and a recession-proof economy, not a place that would give anyone something to rap about. Let’s just say it would tend to look more like this than like this. Despite these hang-ups, G-Side does a great job of putting down these spaced-out, drugged-up tracks with help from the soul-heavy samples of Block Beattaz/Slow Motion Sounds, in an attempt to push Huntsville Rap through to a more significant place in the mainstream Rap scene.

Here are a few highlights with links…

So Gone (mp3)

What It’s All About (mp3)

And some full mixtapes:

Fear and Loathing in Huntsvegas

Huntsville International



Real Estate @ St. James Church

16 Jan

Caught a great set last night by Real Estate at St. James Church downtown, their last one before they hit up Europe (dates). Good vibes all around…was it god or maybe just the colt 45s?

Art Of Trance ‘Swarm’

14 Jan

“Do you wanna see the most beautiful thing I ever filmed?”

Maybe a  mash between Planet Earth and trash in an alley way

Imagine those mean mother shitters on your keyboard?!

Telefon Tel Aviv Remix.

One Night Only For Cold, Bored Souls

8 Jan

You know those fantastic Dos Equis beer commercials starring the most interesting man in the world? In one of their spots, MIMITW remarks on the ‘two-party system’: the afterparty is the one you want to attend. This especially applies to the Passion Pit show tonight. Sure, it’d be fun to go jump around at Terminal 5 with a bunch of pre-teen hipsters and hear PP screech out Sleepyhead one more time [with that goddamn synth-slide riff], but the afterparty is where shit’s really going down. Holy Ghost! and Classixx each had a great year, with memorable disco remixes all throughout the summer. Not sure who the hell Shuttle is, but I guess that’s why they’re on the bottom. I’m out of the city tonight, so unfortunately I’ll have to miss out, but if you’re in nyc with nothing to do, this thing will be going on late at Webster Hall, and its only a dollar if you RSVP. To help you decide, here’s a goodie from classixx you might have missed… be patient, the chorus is perfect:


Let’s Take It Slow

8 Jan

Hell the mixes been?

Ah, you know. Well, uh, things kept coming up and we’ve all been a little… With this time of year and all…Baby, I was gonna get back to you sooner, I swear!

YeahD has been YeahDickin’ around. A bit unhurried to toss the goods atcha. But we haven’t forgotten your needs, Honey! We know what you like! We know what you gotta haaaave.

So let’s pick this relationship up a bit. Don’t worry. We’ll take it slow for right now. Nice and slow.

I’ll keep it nice and sweet, cushy, kushy. Might bite a little…but just a play nibble. Sum like thissss.

Hm hm. (wink)

Now. Here’re the goods

Pumpin the Litermeter

7 Jan

holy shit its 2010…. and its fuggin freezing outside. that’s why i’m staying indoors, gettin cozy with this mash-up of mf doom’s My Favorite Ladies and Flying Lotus’ Litermeter. the best part about this mash-up is that it sounds like an original production. doom’s signature flow and FlyLo’s drippy instrumental compliment each other so well, it makes me think they should collaborate for real.


You might recognize Flying Lotus’ sound from Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. His fusion of cartoons and hip hop is reminiscent of Nujabes’ work on Samurai Champloo, and the instrumentals are quite similar (ergo, quite excellent). Check out FlyLo’s website to sample more of his tunes while you blow up some asteroids, and also be sure to hit up our new blog friend Unique Forms of Continuity, run by a pretty girl who sent me this one way back in 2009.