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OldiE, still GoldiE

31 Jan



Providence Cometh

27 Jan

I don’t know much about the bass-music scene in Providence RI, but if Hank Erins is an indicator then good things are in the post. Heavy Air, an original composition, combines layers of atmospheric synth textures with a hulking low-end to excellent effect. On the remix of De La Soul’s It’s Like That, slow moving bass swells and some spaced-out melodies get nicely toasted by the rhymes, creating that trippy lounge vibe that Hip Hop and Dubstep kids can both appreciate. Check out more stuff by Hank Erins on his soundcloud.

Heavy Air – Hank Erins

It’s Like That (Hank Erins Remix) – De La Soul

DJ Live Radiostream

27 Jan


Physix Lesson

25 Jan

Soldier of Luchini (Camp Lo X Rusko X The Temper Trap) – Mr Physix

Heavy Artrillery

21 Jan


Dopeman – Havocndeed


20 Jan

‘NY Is Killing Me’


5 Jan

WHAT’S UP 2’11


[“As Is//Some Kind Of Cascade”]