Bright and Sunny Day

28 Feb

NEXT month is going to be an amazing month as far as remixes goes, undoubtedly some of the most memorable tracks of 2010 will be released in time for Spring Break. Everyone seems to have their eyes on these progressive house guys from UK, a group called Way Out West.  Some of their latest hits include “One Love”, “Future Perfect” . Way Out West has even had a track remixed by Gabriel and Dresden – the duo responsible for that foreboding Nip Tuck intro. What was the result? With the EMD subculture it’s all about meshing the artists to get the fans to overlap and create an even bigger pool of like minded listeners. That’s certainly doesn’t mean a sacrifice in quality- take this latest teaser as ordained evidence of something legendary stirring in the Ides of March. Remixes yet to be released include those by that guy from São Paulo- Gui Boratto and UK drum & bass artist Logistics to name just two.

The Gift – Original Mix

The Gift – *Teaser*

^Listen to that drop @ 7 minutes and 24 seconds, orgasmic^

The Gift – Logistics Remix

Have s Sunny Day 🙂


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