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31 Mar

Ethnic disco, or so they say. You be the judge. Cubic Zirconia is on the way to The Warehouse in Hartford this Friday, April 2nd with a once scheduled Egyptrixx, but you can catch those guys in lieu of the CT show in NYC the following day @ Webster Hall. Check their page for updates. Local DJs to boot though, so, take those chillweaves off and get heated with some sexy female vocals and down right dirty beats. Goodies make the boys jump on it? Oh yeah, and don’t forget those guys in the back while you’re droolin’ out your seat to Tiombe Lockhart (droppin sex torpidos).

Kid Cudi – Make Her Say (Cubic Zirconia Remix)

Cubic Zirconia – Josephine^^ [mp3]

Les Sins – FCK WRK REWRK)** [mp3]

Cubic Zirconia – Fuck Work (Dam Funk Remix)**

Egyptrixx – All That Jelly [mp3]

My days(day) as a critic are over, but I may come back with a well thought out word or two, and a picture I’ve scalped from someone much more motivated than me. On the other hand, you can use a variety of measurements to determine the success of the event, including but not limited to: shame, intoxication, shrinkage, $$, friendly or inappropriate gestures, and of course…the cognitive dissonance that may or may not occur after the performances. Derrh.


This is Bullshit.

30 Mar

Browsing pitchfork today I saw a report on Toro y Moi being robbed after his show this past friday at the Brooklyn Bowl [now Chaz has a reason to dislike hipsters]…followed by a video piece of him performing the songs “Talamak” and “You Hid.” Wait, “Talamak”, and “You Hid,” at the Brooklyn Bowl? Does this sound familiar? Oh yeah, YeahDef came out with a video of him playing these songs at the brooklyn bowl…months ago. Fuck you pitchfork, you can yeah suck our balls. Ah, who am I kidding.

MF Doom’s Haunted Graffiti

29 Mar

Recently signed to 4AD, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti are recording a new hi-fi (that’s right, NOT lo-fi) record. In case you missed the promo single “Round and Round” you can nab it here.

Below are a couple of remixes, the first is blitzed by the winding nonsensical graffitis of MF Doom (aka DOOM) and the second is for nostalgic ariel pink enthusiasts:

“Doomsday Dance Blitz”:

“Round and Round” without the record deal:

Feeling Without Touching

27 Mar

Could it be glass? Glass Candy that is, and yes, they are up close and personal in their first official video, Feeling Without Touching.  Ida No, a cross between a young Chrissie Hynde from The Pretenders and Olivia Newton John from her video ‘Let’s get physical,’ heats up the screen. Mostly in a category all of her own, she echoes across the room and has a definite unattainable air about her. She really could care less about you. So, just watch and listen, bitch.

Glass Candy – Rolling Down the Hills [mp3]**

Music Go Music – Warm in the Shadows (Fred Falke Remix) [mp3]

^^Similar sounds, and Fred Falke at that^^

q. Is Ida No supposed to be the metaphorical candy behind this hot and steamy glass?! WTF

a. Ask the director Travis Peterson, he’s also done work for Nite Jewel and Ariel Pink

My Life in the Bush of Psychobuildings?

25 Mar

Psychobuildings is a fresh n steamy piece of neo-new wave from BK, NY that promises to be, at the very least, a great Talking Heads cover band. featuring members from Small Black and Silk Flowers, the young group has only three tracks to their name, but this ain’t no foolin around. Their brand of cerca-1980 funky synth-rock w/ quirky David Byrne/James Murphy style vocals will doubtless be a danceable live show, so check em out at Music Hall of Williamsburg on April 10. $12 ain’t bad, and who knows, they just might drop song number four and blow your fuggin mind.

Paradise – Psychobuildings (mp3)

Birds of Prey – Psychobuildings (mp3)

Dirty Rainbows – Psychobuildings (mp3)

rude boy / naughty boy

25 Mar

Alas, the obligatory Rihanna mention following DP’s post on DJ Sat-1’s unforgettable mix of Chris Brown and Weezy’s “I Can Transform Ya.” Fittingly, we have an eerie rework of “Rude Boy” for ya. XXJFG called this DJ Murlo remix “Polite, quiet, chamber music for crystalline Jamaican cathedrals.” That sounds about right to me.

Rude Boy (DJ Murlo Remix) – Rihanna (mp3)

Second, an excellent new track and video from UK grime-master Wiley. It’s called “Never Be Your Woman” and it features Emeri Sande in the chorus and a sample of “Your Woman” by White Town. Song is tight (Bmo I’m lookin at you).

Pictureplane: Fantasy Redux

24 Mar

pictureplane aka Travis Egedy is lingering on the fringes of dancy chillwave- but not for long. much like toro y moi, he uses layered synths, altered vocal samples, and hip hop looping sensibilities to craft inviting, danceable textures that lean more toward pop-electronica than your typical chillwave emo-drone. Yet unlike TyM, who sounds like Michael if he’d been a drum machine wizard, PP goes darker, fusing elements of psychodelic funk, crunchy bass, and disco noir (check out the eerie Stevie Nicks sample on Goth Star):

Goth Star – Pictureplane (mp3)

That was on PP’s well-received 2009 album Dark Rift. This past month he released a single called “Beyond Fantasy.” Its a rework of Baby D’s early 90z classic “Let Me Be Your Fantasy” and its crazy. I also added a couple remixes involving Teengirl Fantasy who’ve had some mention on yeahD before, and Future Islands (e-ressssss).

Beyond Fantasy – Picture Plane (mp3)*****

Old Dreamer (Pictureplane Remix) – Future Islands (mp3)
New Mind (Teengirl Fantasy Wide Open Edit) – Pictureplane (mp3)

We blasted PP’s Hartford show with Small Black and Washed Out a couple weeks back, but I wasn’t in attendance. All I can say is that its pretty lucky y’all got to listen to Pictureplane instead of Tanlines, who like Chromeo should only ever be heard in remix form. Cheers.

Mad Hatter Music

23 Mar

The Priest of Minimal

Unicorn Peyote Kaleidoscope

There’s a place for Optimus Prime in Hip-Hop

22 Mar

There’re certainly some things we can all agree should be shunned, things we easily don’t support: Neo-Nazism, The Octomom’s recent conception attempts, Booger Eating, this website (mm, on second thought), Chris Brown’s career. So, putting up this song may make some of you, well, wince, then shout, “Chris Brown! But he is a despicable little bitch! How dare you suggest this track!”

Just keep in mind y’all, the I Can Transform Ya remix is made by DJ Sat-One, a long time hip-hop producer still tossing up some of the smoothest, glossiest songs released only on Myspace. Download support goes solely to Sat-One. I even doubt Chris Brown knows this mix exists.

For some, this track is a loophole for guilt-free Chris Brown enjoyment, a rare chance to soak in his boyish vocal hooks. For most, it’ll be a favorite crunky booty jam.

The other songs included are just as solid, but…how should I say this…Weezy-less. You’ll know what I mean.

I Can Transform Ya (Dj Sat-1 Remix) – Chris Brown

What U Want (DJ Sat One Remix) – The Roots
Be Alright feat. Hezekiah (produced by DJ Sat One) – E Major

Nujabes RIP

18 Mar

A sad day for yeahD. The death of Jun Seba (aka Nujabes) has been confirmed by his label Hydeout Records. He was killed in a late night traffic accident on the Shuto Expressway in Tokyo at the age of 36. Hit the blue lights and loop this one

Nujabes – Aruarian Dance