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The Look

30 Nov

Mmm, yeaah. I hear some of my obligatory/familiar/favorite house music sounds in here. Jacques Greene, you’re working my libido with this one. Watch for his latest drop on the 14th of December. Xmas prezzie?


My Secret Destroyer

23 Nov

Destroyer has been my mountain-breezy acoustic crush for over a couple years now, and while I recognize artists aren’t strictly for my personal consumption, I  felt a pang of (sorrowy) poop drip from my butt when I saw his new single featured on GvB. So, instead of inappropriately kicking around like a child dropped off at daycare, I am unleashing him to the yeahD community. Now, let Destroyer guide your way up Mt. Washington so you can finally slap that crunchy-granola sticker on the back of your bumper with a shred of decency.

No, don’t.

Destroyer – Chinatown

Destroyer – Painter in Your Pocket

Reality Check

17 Jun

I have taken a break from probably 40+ hours of Red Dead Redemption gameplay since Saturday to bring you, and myself, this much needed reality check. Shut the 360 off, get out into the sun and enjoy the new freebies being passed around the net. Really be one of those assholes with those ‘Life is Good‘ spare tire covers n shirts n key chains. Nah. Back to shootin’ bitches in the alternate universe that is Red Dead. Highly recommended if you aren’t getting any or if you are stealth enough to have stolen the xbox right out from under your gf (heh). Not sure if owning one yourself is deserving of more or less points in this case.

Anyhow. I’m not a nerd, listen…

Beirut – The Concubine (MY!GAY!HUSBAND! CLUB EDIT) mp3

Golden AgesAfrica (Toto) mp3

Cocknbuillkid – Cocknbuillkid mp3

^^Kind of obnoxiously irresistible? Give it a few weeks and it will be in an ipad commercial


Thanks for being more creative than me.

Black Hole Sun

26 May

Some phreeky sex shit or abstract art inducing? You be the judge. While Connan Mockasin is relatively new to the circuit, Cibo and Elliott have long been favs of many. Here’s to a new playlist on your ipod filled with songs you just don’t know where to put. “Kill yourself?” Just a thought.

Connan MockasinIt’s Choade My Dear (mp3)

Cibo MattoBlack Hole Sun (Soundgarden Cover) (mp3)

Elliott SmithWaltz Number 1 (mp3)

Whatever you’re into, we’re keeping this legit. So, thank these guys for the shit you pull your pants down to.

Sticky Situation

25 May

It’s too hot to put too much thought into this post, at least enough to make you giggle until you fart a little… cause you know that’s my number one ambition. Fuck work, my masters degree and the rate of my fertility… I’m all about puttin’ a little toottoot in your cabootboot. Did it work yet? Ok, anways… here’s some fresh stuff to keep you updated and away from surfing the net until your hands cramp up and you’ve lost all hopes of maintaining a healthy social life.

Twin Sister – All around and Away We Go (Teen Daze Remix)

What Kind of Breeze Do You Blow? – Love of Luxury (Montauk Remix)

Au Revoir Simone – Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix)

Just stumbled upon this lil freak and had to throw it right in, thanks to TASHED.

Volta Cab – Freak Your Soul

Speaking of farts, support them local arts.

Hot to Trot

18 May

All your Christmas money is long gone, but you still deserve nice things. ie Matt Van Schie. Boy, is he your dreams come true. Squeezed him right out of my stocking.

Matt Van Schie – Journey

Matt Van Schie – Journey (Memory Tapes Remix)

Matt Van Schie – Be My Lady (Hemingway’s Beach Bossa Mix)

I’m sure you’ve come across him prior, after scouring the web for hours like I do, right? Saturday Night (Gloves Mix) ring a bell? Refresh your memory! It’s worth a revisit.

In Heat

14 May

Top down bottoms up.

Wale – Pretty Girls Remix ft Chris Brown & Fabulous

LCD Soundsystem VS Justin Timberlake – My Love (Diplo Mix)

While Justin Timberlake is more of a woman than I am (irritating), I can appreciate Diplo’s obnoxiously catchy spin to ‘My love.’ Shit, can’t you?

What’s good in my hood.

6 May

I’ll tell you. These tracks, overpowering the dirty scum runnin’ on through these streets! Gotta be dangerously close to blowin those speakers or all the locals won’t recognize how completely out of touch they are… and also that your sound system is better, therefore, you pwn. Basically, these are mine to govern with… do what you please with them

Sunday Girl – Four Floors (Diplo Remix)

Pollyn – Can’t Get Into It (Altair Nouveau Remix)

Lo-Fi-Fnk – Marchin’ In (Silver Columns Remix)

P.S – They may just end up thinking I’m a total fag, but even if I were (am I?)… I’ve already justified that I’d still get way more ass then they ever would. Just saaaaayin.

Djobi Djoba

28 Apr

Some random childhood memories. Thanks for these, Dad, and the nearly crippling OCD.

The Gypsy Kings – Djobi Djoba

Steely Dan – Peg

Bobby Caldwell – Open Your Eyes

Pink Floyd – Dogs

David Bowie – Sweet Thing

Fast forward. You’re now 50 and hassling your cracked out teenager to burn these onto a CD for you. Shit comes full circle real quick, son. Better get a nice card for Mothers/Fathers day this year, cause you’ve taken some serious years off of their lives and they molded you into the narcissistic little bastert(d) you are today, postin’ they shit up on wordpress.

Here’s a new one, from the 2k10s, for your pleasure. Savor this one.

Thieves Like Us – Forget Me Not (Cécile Small Town Girl Remix) mp3

Oh and in case you didn’t know how ground breaking this fag was.

Gangsta Luv

22 Apr

So much for that sex appeal Cudi, I’m a lil white girl and my arms look tighter than yours. Sorrrry. Simple video with some cooky cooky flare. For those who can’t forget that tree, just follow along like 1…2…3… or put it on in the background and do that awkward Cudi dance in front of your mirror. Secret though, don’t bring it to the club.

Snoop Dogg Ft Mayer Hawthorne – Gangsta Luv

If you’ve neglected the last segment of my post, you’ll be looking to redeem yourself after persisting on with those mimicked Cudi moves in an actual social situation. Seriously, lock that shit up. Put this on, get that crush and you’ll be saying “Cause I’m a gangsta, I grab her by the butt.” Just wait for the go ahead, aiight?

Kid Cudi feat. Snoop Dogg – I Do My Thing (Prod. by Dr. Dre)