Satisfaction is the death of Desire

16 Feb

Does everyone feel like their life could be in a movie, or is it just me? maybe it is because it is past four in the morning and snowing outside or maybe it is because i dream in third person. either way, who the fuck cares?  i know this rant must be inspired by the restlessness that comes with forcing/willing yourself to sleep and the fact that i’m listening to atlas sound and coldplay, yes, coldplay (i have a soft spot from illicit weekday sleepovers at my best friend’s house in highschool. her mom would exclusively listen to coldplay in the car) but whatever. i had one of those moments tonight, after a painful commute on the subway with way too many heavy bags. walking back, snow in my hair, blurring my vision. i shamelessly sit down on this wet ledge and have a cig. i’m listening to life in LA, looking up into the thick, opaque sky, snow falling in fat clumps in front of the orange street light, enjoying the fuck out of this cig and totally content ( if only for the seven-ten minutes it takes for an american spirit to burn). i hate the word nostalgia and i hate not being able to sleep.

Tracks (you prob have, but worth posting anyways) :

Life in LA – ariel pink

Weekend EP – atlas sound


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