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Jockin’ Jay-Z

31 Aug


By far one of the most anticipated albums of the year, Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3, leaked tonight, and we’ve got your hipster asses covered.

Without further ado:

The Blueprint 3

Where u been? Listen to this and buy the damn thing:

On To The Next One (Feat. Swizz Beatz) – Jay-Z


Take Off

27 Aug

Twilight on Shem Creek

These dreamy tracks pick up off the ground, begin to fade into the violet sky, then disappear into thin air.

Don’t worry. They bring guests.

Blessa – Toro Y Moi

Praia Mole – Wax Poetic

Beach Party – Air France

Harmless Lover’s Discourse – The Odawas

The Lighthart Identity

22 Aug


Ed Lighthart prefers not be called Ed Lighthart. That’s because he has no idea who the hell Ed Lighthart is.

Three weeks ago, Ed stumbled out of a Seattle park in soiled khakis with $600 in his sock, no wallet or ID, and absolutely no idea what his name was or what he was doing there. Suffering from a rare case of total dissociative amnesia, he could recall almost nothing about his past. He couldn’t even remember a single ‘moustache ride’ joke. He was checked into a Seattle medical center while police published photos to see if anyone would recognize him.

And they did. It turns out that Lighthart is a real international mystery man with a story straight out of The Bourne Identity. Fluent in French, Spanish, German, and English, Lighthart has apparently travelled and lived all over the world, in cities like Paris, Vienna, Sydney, Bratislava, and most recently Shanghai. Along the way, he worked as a teacher, translator, and even as a chef, developing a reputation as a loquacious yet reclusive expert on European culture. Estranged from his family and without any close acquaintances, how or why Ed found himself stranded in Seattle with no ID and a sock full of cash is completely inexplicable…

That is, unless he really is Jason Bourne incarnate. Afterall, he does recall some sort of incident involving an assault in New York City. And with his language skills, shady work-history, and a moustache that out of hand, would you really be surprised? The only other explanation is that he’s just some asshole coming off a ketamine bender in the classiest way imaginable. While Lighthart (who prefers to be called Jon for the time being) struggles to piece together his story, take a look at this press conference from the other day:

(Special thanks to Fox News for this clip. With everyone else blowing this healthcare crisis out of proportion, thank god someone is paying attention to real issues)

A Review: See Mystery Lights

19 Aug


I am finally getting around to writing a review for See Mystery Lights, YACHT’s DFA debut. With the lack of track variety available from this album, I don’t have any qualms throwing out an honest write-up with a few samples.

For more than half a decade YACHT’s been the alias of Oregon musician/producer Jona Bechtolt. Last year, Bechtolt returned to the formula of his previous project, The Blow, and added female vocalist Claire Evans. Based on a few short press releases, it can be assumed that the two were bonded through a love for solid electro-pop, the paradoxical, life after death, and lots of triangles. YACHT provides an extensive mission statement in an attempt to explain their peculiarity.

The YACHT members’ eccentricities ring throughout See Mystery Lights in the album’s dominating theme. Track after track, with a few exceptions, wraps a bit of YACHT’s casual occult philosophy into cushy, bouncy, danceable lo-fi. The lyrics will inspire little spiritual contemplation, but they do function well to create a smart yet bizarre focal point.

The pace is consistently upbeat, and the layers stack easily. Many of the songs ooze quirkiness by utilizing a variety of cleverly assembled elements, including synth basslines, tweaked vocals, laptop-processed beats, and an array of decorative effects. It’s a characteristically DFA sound incorporated with an eeriness spawned from the album’s subject matter. The final product is a possessed summer electro LP, a perfect soundtrack for bikini-clad, undead beach-goers setting and spiking through a game of volleyball.

It would be tough to argue See Mystery Lights is the most interesting and perhaps most creative record to come out this summer. Not only does each song resonate haunted pop hooks and groove, it genuinely sounds as though YACHT is having fun in the studio. Give each song a full listen. Despite the lyric content, every track on See Mystery Lights gradually comes to life.

Ring the Bell – YACHT

The Afterlife – YACHT

And while we’re on the subject of YACHT…

Danse Music (YACHT Remix) – Kumisolo

Sunny Delights

17 Aug

summer rave

Of course the heat and the sunshine are two glaring signs of summer, but the only things reminding me it’s the middle of August are all the songs I’ve been tripping over lately. Tanned and still sporting shades, these DJ tracks only fit in when the temp is sizzling. Everything you hear, the horns, the riffs, the beats, and the bass, feels inspired by the carefree thinking that’s inescapable this season.

Bam Bam – Dj Fashen

She Came Along (Re-Up Club mix) – Sharam feat. Kid Cudi

Restless Native: Phantom Power

16 Aug


Our good friend Eric Littman, aka Phantom Power,  has been sending us tracks here and there for the past month, and I think its about time that I spread the wealth around (sorry mr. joe plumber). True to his moniker, Phantom Power is basically the digitization of Eric’s indie-grunge sound honed through his Sarkies project. the end result is a lo-fi synth-rock reminiscent of Ariel Pink or John Maus, but much cleaner. Then again, it’s hard to blanket these tracks with a single description, as each one elicits a distinct mood and indicates a combination of influences. I’ll just say that they are original and bumpin and worth the download. So clickety-click, mofuckas.

look alive – Phantom Power

shot by camera – Phantom Power

dash snow at work – Phantom Power

Shine like ’59 – Phantom power

lushlife: just call me definition

14 Aug


freshy fridays! and i couldn’t have a fresher sound to post about. lushlife is kanye west with more jazz and less backstage tantrum. as a matter of fact, this philadelphia-based producer/mc first came onto the scene when he dropped a mash album with the college dropout and beach boys’ pet sounds a while back. his latest release, cassette city, combines his ridiculous flow with some of his best dub and sample work yet. with material from Camp Lo, Vampire Weekend, and Ariel Pink, cassette city soars where other jazz-hop records just sink. heres a smatter of some lushlife goodies new and old. don’t stop git it git it.  i promise its lush-ous.

Bottle Rocket – Lushlife

The Deepest Concentration – Lushlife

In Soft Focus (feat. Ariel Pink and Elzhi) – Lushlife

Cleveland Goods

13 Aug


The Kickdrums are talented hip-hop producers, samplers, electro-garageband instrumentalists, and myspace page creators. They’re a duo, Tilla and Fitts, a DJ/producer and singer/songwriter who come together to create a sound that fuses slick vocal hooks, crunchy, steady beats and whatever they need to set the mood they choose.

There isn’t much repetition with The Kickdrums. Not only does every new track sound different from the others, but they remix and compile too, making potential hits outta whatever they can get their hands on. I figure they’re just bored, constantly looking for something new to do. Makes sense. They’re from Cleveland. Even Lebron’s at home, prolly shootin’ free throws.

Get Even (F. Colin Munroe) – The Kickdrums

Just A Game – The Kickdrums

Nothing To Worry About (Kickdrums Remix) – Peter Bjorn & John f. Wale, Young Chris and Rhymefest

Also, here’s the mixtape that put The Kickdrums’ name on the map.

the boundary waters

13 Aug

trego sunset

a sunset in northern minnesota makes all sense of time disappear. far from the hustle of choked up city avenues, the air is soft and still. the lakes run deep, and the water is pure and icy cold. on the surface, big skies reflect the dying embers of daylight, which slowly fade to deep blue. soon, there will be more stars in the sky than i can count. a passing loon lets a out a call that fills me up like a happy memory. at this moment, i don’t know whether i am lost or i am found. i guess either one will do.

Open the Light – Boards of Canada

In Our Nature – Jose Gonzalez

Unfamiliar Wind (Leeks Hills) – Brian Eno

Kao-Tic Harmony – rhythim is rhythim

Tiny Birds – Yo La Tengo

The Disconnect – Tycho

Careful Where You Stand – Coldplay

A Million Miles of Fun

10 Aug


Much too nice to be inside, posting.

Cocaine Afternoon – Morgan Organ

Under the Sun – Kidda

Steal my Sunshine – Len

Since I Left You – The Avalanches