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22 Jul

“I Am David Jackson” marks the 8th or 9th some odd release by Phantom Power. It’s got 808s, filters, phasers, and sounds a lot like…FUCK. Who is David Jackson? WHO IS DAVID JACKSON?


H8 Yourself

24 Feb

Phantom Power’s coming out with “H8 Yourself” in the coming weeks


John Maus/Dogleather [Knitting Factory 2.12.11]

14 Feb

The late show on saturday night (sunday morning?) at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory started off a little after 1 with Dogleather, who is DJ Dog Dick and…some other dude. Kicking off their set with swirling noise, it quickly degenerated into “smack-to-the-face” noise, with both members tumbling about yelling awkward rhymes into their heavily distorted microphones. Literally tumbling by the way. DJ Dog Dick was whipping himself too. I talked to a couple friends of theirs at the bar and learned that Dogleather are from Baltimore and are associated with MICA. Crazy art students making disturbing music and videos?

John Maus (Haunted Graffiti Veteran) hit the stage a little past 2, frantically running through tracks mostly off of Love Is Real in addition to his new track, “And the Rain.” Maus brought on the energy, fist pumping through tracks like “Rights for Gays” and “Too Much Money.” Weird vibes sure, but everybody was pretty into it, on the verge of moshing- though we did share a heart to heart with Maus during “Do Your Best,” everybody reaching out and all. Glad he showed, unlike that CMJ mixup at Death By Audio.


5 Jan

WHAT’S UP 2’11


[“As Is//Some Kind Of Cascade”]

YeahD presents COSMONAUT

29 Oct

Shoegazers Jack and Dan of “Cosmonaut” talk with Phantom Power about the 90s influence, CMJ, and… drugs. Also featuring some live footage from their CMJ showcase at Kenny’s Castaway on Bleecker Street. Check out their blog and myspace

Teengirl (In Your) Fantasy

11 Oct

While Logan and Nick of Teengirl Fantasy have been dj-ing parties for a while now, they’ve recently put out their “debut” record called 7AM (late night? early morning? totes clevs). The new album is loaded with crisp textures, gated synths, lots of percussion, and the refusal to let the four to the floor beat last longer than a few seconds. Lotss of change ups. In comparison with their “bootleg” CD-R (which is still floating around the internet) the production has jumped leaps and bounds, but quite a few of the songs feel cramped. Too much of that “world music” influence maybs. While “Cheaters” has made its rounds on the blogs, I absolutely loved this track, called “In The Rain” with its great arpeggios and perfectly crafted sounds

Teengirl Fantasy -In The Rain

Sleep Goody

28 Aug

Sleep Good, from Austin TX, have a retro sound- harmonically interesting with 60s pop sensibilities. Their album Skyclimber was recorded and mixed on tape decks, but recorded and mixed well– none of these tunes are drowning in tape hiss or any other chillwave antics. Check out “Paper Bird” and “Fractl” below:

Paper Bird


Neon Indian @ Governor’s Island 8.14.10

16 Aug

Ramona Gonzalez, aka Nite Jewel, unleashed her moody L.A. disco-pop to an unsuspecting “is this neon indian? i love deadbeat summer” audience, playing a few tracks off of her new EP Am I Real? in addition to a couple cuts off her debut Good Evening. Check out “What Did He Say” and “Spiritual Nite Life”

DOM hit hard with distorted powerchords and catchy punk ripoffs like “Bochicha,” inciting a small mosh pit upfront and boring everyone else. After muttering, “I’ve got some bad news, this is our last song” the drummer cued the backtrack and on came “Living In America”

Alan may still be riding on the success of Psychic Chasms, and may also be a little chubz/ugz, but he and his band played a good set. Yeah, that single for Mountain Dew “Sleep Paralysist” and their Paul McCartney cover “Temporary Secretary” sucked, but we got a guest appearance by Au Revior Simone to sing along to Neon Indian’s remix of their single “Another Likely Story.” Cool. But when are we getting some new tunes?

Javelin @ The Whitney 8.13.10

14 Aug

Providence’s Javelin (who have since relocated to brooklyn, sorry RI) kicked off their tour with Warpaint at the Whitney Museum. The duo used an array of samplers to translate their dance-y electro jams live, no macs or turntables. The dude on the left (above) kept the beat alive drumming on his set of pads while the dude on the right was singing (…and rapping?) vocals absent from their recordings. Yeah, he played a key-tar too.

These guys have another free show next weekend (8/21) at The Yard @ The Soho Grand Hotel, check ’em out

Their album Jamz n Jemz is still floating around the internet, “Lindsay Brohan” and “Vibrationz” are my favs

Phantom Power New EP Coming

25 Jul