Keepaway/Shams/Wish/Teengirl Fantasy @ Death By Audio [2/27/10]

28 Feb

Brooklyn experimental (animal collective wannabes?) Keepaway started off the night with a dynamically winding set- sipping sauza between songs

Okay, this guy was fucking crazy. Using an iphone and two mics lined through a series of petals (super shifter/hyper metal/digital delay), Shams delivered an electro set trumped with noisy breaks and effected vocal hooks. The music posted on his myspace doesn’t do Shams justice- the tunes posted are just the base of the madness

These guys were ridiculous. Calling themselves Wish, they played a set of dance music in a haze…of american spirits. Really reverby and messy, but that kick drum kept everybody dancing. Over the course of their set the dude on the right struck yoga poses on the stage behind him, downed a joose, and burnt a $10 bill, striking a pose as it flamed in his hand

Teengirl Fantasy stuck to the basics. They just set up their projector, ran some trippy visuals, and bumped their shit.


One Response to “Keepaway/Shams/Wish/Teengirl Fantasy @ Death By Audio [2/27/10]”

  1. eric 03/01/2010 at 6:19 pm #

    yeah, pitchfork would have a hard on for keepaway and omit shams/wish

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