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E-Reserves: Better than the Federal Reserve

16 Nov

Either you haven’t heard that in a while, or you missed the boat the first time around, E-Reserves is here to bring you some gems from the E-Reserve. Our first feature are the Avalanches, who you might remember were included in one of our playlists from over the summer. They’re a group from down under that compiled vinyl samples into a clever electronic album back in 2000 titled Since I Left You.  A lot of the sounds used have a warm nostalgia that infuse The Avalanches’ perfectly crafted, danceable beats. Yeah Develop baby.

since i left you – the avalanches

a different feeling – the avalanches

two hearts in 3/4 time – the avalanches

tonight may have to last me all my life – the avalanches


no ceilings for weezy baby

9 Nov

where did the ceilings go?

weezy is not the same: he is a martian. and for a martian like weezy, there are clearly no ceilings. lil wayne’s newest mixtape, titled just that, shows him back in tip-top form, and reminds all of us what the rap game will be missing when he goes to prison next year.

for true weezy-heads, No Ceilings will be a massive sigh of relief. while Tha Carter III was enjoyable and well-produced, wayne’s raps came nowhere close to the quality of the drought or dedication mixtapes, and came up especially short when compared to the original Carter 3 tracks that were leaked late 2007. here, weezy returns to the recording style that suits him best. most of the tracks use familiar samples from pop and hip hop hits of the past year, including Jay-Z’s D.O.A., Fabolous’ Throw It In The Bag (remixed) beat, and that obnoxiously infectious I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed peas. Each track starts with the audible flick of a lighter as weezy sparks a blunt, continues with a little bit of raspy shit-talk, and finally proceeds with his signature flow of ludicrous, hilarious, and somehow transcendent rhymes.

no ceilings is probably wayne’s best mixtape. while some tracks stand out far more than others, the whole tape is consistently clever and listenable. the attention to production and the limited number of skits, cameos, and pointless DJ shoutouts give it the seriousness of an album, yet weezy approaches it lyrically with the casual swagger he does his other mixtapes, and the result is some of his best material yet. for true weezy-heads, the timing coudn’t be better, as it might be some of the last stuff (discounting that rock album yet to drop) until he gets out of the clank. if that’s the case, weezy did well to leave on a high note.

below are a couple favorites… for the whole thing, check out down-south, or find a torrent somewhere. check to make sure its the official release too, its got four or so more tracks than the first leak. and remember, the price is officially free ninety-nine. to quote weezy baby, “this is for you. you, you, you. it’s a big thank you… so ima get back to this blunt, and you get back to the mixtape. no ceilings.”

DOA – Lil Wayne

Throw It In The Bag (Remix) – Lil Wayne

I’m Good (feat. Lucci Lou) – Lil Wayne

Single – Lil Wayne

This is Funny

3 Nov