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Summa at the Seaport

31 Aug

With the end of summer as we know it approaching comes the conclusion of each and every free concert series. The River to River was one festival I made a habit of going to see at South Street Seaport throughout the summer.

This specific series featured indie bands from all over the US, some of whom weren’t well known and others that were, and catered to a very young and hipster crowd. The space is wonderful; it’s large (can hold thousands), there are bars, food, and street carts nearby, and the view is spectacular. It’s not often you get the chance to spend every Friday night staring at pirate ships and Brooklyn’s skyline while hearing awesome music for free.

Bear In Heaven

Hypnotizing performance from a band I’d heard little about prior to this show. A trio from BK  featuring psychedelic sounds, experimental beats, heavy percussion, synthesizers and revolved around the androgens dreamy vocals of the lead singer. Certainly a unique and interesting sound that I cannot successfully parallel to many other bands. In my opinion, their fault is that they can come across as boring. However, commendable  is their solid songwriting, which could be (but is not) unoriginal or repetitive. Their best potential come through in “Lovesick Teenagers,” a creepy and taunting commentary on the endless revolution of life.

Lovesick Teenagers

Best Coast

Best Coast is one of my favorite new artists that made a name for herself in 2009. Of her older releases, Make You Mind 7″ was when she emerged as a powerful voice in the lo-fi scene. Her songs are fun, relatable, and strikingly emotional. More important is her excellent new album, Crazy For You, which shows singer Bethany as a more mature, adventurous and talented songwriter. The most striking innovation I see applied to her newer style-a beautiful and energetic clash of throwback vocals and new-wave surf- is her use of powerful vocal power to create interesting new rhythms rather than being distorted by effect and the guitar. At the seaport, Best Coast seemed kind of shy or unaffected, which I think was a substitute for trying to connect with the crowd in a big way. Her live sound was great and found many sing-a-longers in the crowd, but I was disappointed in her lukewarm energy. Nevertheless, she has sold out shows in NYC since then.

Crazy For You- Best Coast

Free Energy

Free Energy is a band you would have trouble hating if you saw them live. Declared “one of the best live bands in America” (rolling stone?) I had no problem clearing my schedule to experience their show, and was not disappointed. There were several aspects that made them so fun- they were extremely personable, the musical performances were album quality, and the sweet camaraderie of the members of the band was undeniable. The music itself is so-so to me- the vocals are unfortunately weak compared to the talent of the instrumentalists. I love the lively indie-goes-south feeling of the album, though at times it feels a bit minimal. Definitely a fun concert, though, and good-time summer music.

Avi Buffalo
So-so buzz band that is most notable because its members are so young. There was not much memorable about the concert, but a band to watch for as their sound grows.


Yacht is a cult band. They claim not to be, but I find very little evidence to the contrary. Their appeal is not just in their music- it is also in their “philosophy.” On their website you can find a commandments-style list of all the things YACHT represents, from a belief in the afterlife to the power of triangles (hey, i’m not arguing) . All that aside, I had certain expectations for the concert- that it would be somehow forcibly spiritual or preachy (With an album entitled, “I Believe in You. Your magic is Real” how could one not?), but was pleasantly surprised to enjoy an (almost) normal show.YACHT’s best quality is the performance- the male lead dressed in a head-to-toe duet (90 degree weather) and the woman lead in a tight black leotard and suit jacket- they certainly did not lack stage presence. The crowd was wild for the layered beats, cartoonishly fun melodies and repetitive chant-like vocals. Their music itself is innovative. Songs like “We’re Always Waiting” and “See a Penny” are fun and stylistically impressive, and despite or because of their strangeness, YACHT is on its way to indie stardom.

See A Penny (Pick It Up)- YACHT


Sleep Goody

28 Aug

Sleep Good, from Austin TX, have a retro sound- harmonically interesting with 60s pop sensibilities. Their album Skyclimber was recorded and mixed on tape decks, but recorded and mixed well– none of these tunes are drowning in tape hiss or any other chillwave antics. Check out “Paper Bird” and “Fractl” below:

Paper Bird


Dub Purveyor’s Mix

27 Aug

Dub Purveyor’s Mix


Primal – Silkie

Kaliko – Zombie

Back to Chill – Goth Trad

Geddeon – Tunnidge

Get Loose – Compound One

Hold –  Jack Sparrow

Disko Rekah – Loefah

Aquafresh – Zombie

Cut End – Goth Trad

Face Melt – Tunnidge

Donny Darko Music

24 Aug

Goth Trad

Goth Trad is a dubstep producer from Japan, he makes music under the Deep Medi Muisc label with producers like Mala, Silki, Tunnidge and Coki. This has to be my favorite label because the music these guys make literally IS deep meditation music; it’s minimally crafted, dark an otherworldly. It’s easy to get tired of unoriginal punch-drunk happy culture, so this is comparable to some Donny Darko shit. Goth Trad is bringing up the underground dubstep scene in Japan with an event called Back to Chill he hosts with his crew in Osaka and Tokyo. Read more about it in the major newspaper The Japan Times and this UK website Faze2Agency that also put up an interview with Goth Trad in Germany.

Goth Trad – Back to Chill

Happy Birthday

24 Aug

Cut Copy – Lights and Music (Boys Noize Happy Birthday Remix)

New Circus Records

23 Aug

Flux Pavilion turned Doctor P‘s “Sweet Shop” into a four-on-the-floor club banger. It’s like “Sweet Shop” on amphetamines, interspersed with some groovy 2-step bits. Check out the remix below, along with the original grimy-ass version. Purchase from Juno.

Sweet Shop (Flux Pavilion Remix)

Sweet Shop


22 Aug

Couple free tracks Skream released.

Skream – Raw Dogz

Skream – Metal Mouth

Skream – No Future

Benga – Stop Watching

Somethin’ Special

21 Aug

Proximity One

Quick preview of the album that endeavors to capture LA in a bottle. It marks the start of a new label called Proximal Records. Check out the full reviews on both Pitchfork and.. surprisingly NPR. Forget about Pitchfork’s rating, what do they know, just get it.


0.0 Dam-Funk – Another Day at the Carnival

2.18 BearClaw – Robotrimpin

3.45 Wake – Buttabump

5.35 Tokimonsta – Cigarette Lust

7.10 Herma Puma (NOT PROXIMAL) – Dream – Synchromystic – First World Records

8.30 Daedelus – Off Angeles Edges

10.54 Juj – Creep


Looks like they’ve got a good crew going, good luck to them. Note this is not all of the songs, it’s actually a really great deal, if you buy the album off of Amazon it’s 8 bucks for 20 songs and I didn’t even include some of the more popin’ shit- I’ll drop those in under Mixtapes with some more FWR stuff later.

Lounger by DJ Slavashalava

20 Aug


20 Aug

Supercaligrimeyliciousexpialidopeshit. Phew, that was a mouthful. It’s the newest release from CutCulprit, and somewhat of a jump from the house-y stuff he was putting out earlier this year. The EP starts out with a 2-step feel, but I’m a fan of the 160 bmp tracks, giving it a flair of drum ‘n’ bass with modulations galore. Check ’em out below, and pick up the EP at Juno.

Hit Em High