23 Feb

i read an article on vice the other day about adult breastfeeding, where guys and girls get off by, well, you know. its called erotic lactation and apparently it can really strengthen the bond between partners? like i needed another reason to pounce whenever my gf takes her shirt off. just a tip: do not offer this to your lady as truce after a bad fight… or atleast wait till she calms down a bit.

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anyways, music: the XX are an OK band whose stock has gone up thanks to CMJ and that ad starring anime star and figure-skater Apolo Ohno. their CD is decent, but forgettable, which makes both of these excellent tracks stand apart. the first is a remix of their song ‘VCR’ by Matthew Dear aka Digitalism Audion. he’s a cool, multi-faceted artist/producer, and this funky beat is simply thumpin.. get ready to pop them hips.

mp3 download

next up is an XX rework of Florence and the Machine‘s ‘You’ve Got the Love.’ the instrumental is a jingly take on the original and the beat has a decent low end. also, the male and female vocals mirror each other nicely here… hey wait a minute, i guess this is more of a cover than a remix innit? they do cut up a sample of the original vocal pretty cool toward the end though. and look at that, someone even dubbed it over the original video… AND put it on VIMEO. i say that’s a double thumbs up with handcuffs.


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