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Space Traitor

18 Dec

Starkey from Philly is the real deal. To quote the facespace: If you like grime, dubstep, hip hop and all things “street bass” then Starkey’s hard edged spaced out crunk is the sound for you.

I’ve had this track on heavy rotation lately. Listen up at about 2 min 15 sec, when this boy sends it straight into orbit.

Lenses – Starkey


Chaos in the CBD

16 Dec


come over N play

14 Dec

Playmode – Is This Enough?

here’s a fresh n little bit spicy house cut to keep your indoor december drinking cozy. nice vocal effects, dubtribe piano riffs, tight lil bongos, airy overtones. yup, its like christmas in july… cept the opposite. O.o

stole this vid from from a blog called FTW. so i guess it doesn’t really count as stealing.

Frreek Yooouuuu

14 Dec

Out to all the ladies…

MODECI – Hudson Mohawk

Deadmau5 4×4=12

13 Dec

It’s rare that you see an artist reinvent themselves this significantly and get away with it. Most musicians tend to define themselves into a genre for identifiability? and sales?…  I like this direction the mouse is burrowing into… it’s an amalgamate of dark dubstep and that high glamor 4 on the floor beat the club scene is so addicted to. Whatever you call it, kids are eating up like its cake… here’s some free tracks, na get durdy.

Bad Selection

Raise Your Weapon

Silkie – City Limits

11 Dec

Out December 20th…

Slow Jam


Limit to Your Love

8 Dec

Had James Blake‘s CMYK EP on repeat as of late (dubstep guy not tennis guy). this is different. its a dreary Feist cover with some deep dark bass. sad cool video too. happy fuckin holidays.

Limit to Your Love – James Blake

Way U Make Me Feel

6 Dec

Guido – Way U Make Me Feel

Minimally Tempered

2 Dec

I’m really diggin’ this mash of dubstep and minimal, so cool. Would love to hear more stuff trail blazing? in this direction. I think a track like this would go off on a good night in a minimally dedicated club. Of course Scuba’s mix tones it down while making it more atmospheric- check our review of Scuba’s album Triangulation and the EP called Sepalcure, both seem to be doing well.