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1 Sep

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midnight in an Ee-z world

7 Aug

My internet at the apartment sucks today. Actually it sucks everyday. It’s a free 30-day trial but still. So now I’m tapping this out at McDonald’s round the corner. Usually when I’m hurting for internet I go to Starbucks, but today it was all full with those immovable goateed bros sitting across from their messenger bags looking real serious. Actually that was the case yesterday too. So yeah I’m at McDonalds. Oh well, they’ve got this new Mc-Cafe vibe working so its cozy. Plus Wifi is much faster when you’re the only one with a laptop. And dudes at mickey D’s keep it real. Especially this Willem Dafoe-looking Army vet eyeing me down like I’m gonna steal his nuggets. Easy, dude. Just streaming my youtube.

Damn its August 8th already! Summertime seems to be slipping away faster than ever so I wanted to share some good seasonal sounds before its too late. The Midnight Eez are a mystery hip hop duo (from the Bx maybe?) who popped out a tape of instrumentals sometime around 95 or 96 before fading into (or remaining in?) obscurity. This stuff is very smooth, brings to mind Flying Lotus but with more warmth and retro-fuzziness. The anonymity of it all adds to the intrigue. It’s a perfect play for open windows on these last weeks of warm summer nights.

I’m gonna grab a mcChicken and bounce. Link to the full tape is below.

The Midnight Eez Demo

move me like u did b4

21 Mar


Foolish (feat. Alys Blaze) – Klic

Providence Cometh

27 Jan

I don’t know much about the bass-music scene in Providence RI, but if Hank Erins is an indicator then good things are in the post. Heavy Air, an original composition, combines layers of atmospheric synth textures with a hulking low-end to excellent effect. On the remix of De La Soul’s It’s Like That, slow moving bass swells and some spaced-out melodies get nicely toasted by the rhymes, creating that trippy lounge vibe that Hip Hop and Dubstep kids can both appreciate. Check out more stuff by Hank Erins on his soundcloud.

Heavy Air – Hank Erins

It’s Like That (Hank Erins Remix) – De La Soul

Physix Lesson

25 Jan

Soldier of Luchini (Camp Lo X Rusko X The Temper Trap) – Mr Physix

Space Traitor

18 Dec

Starkey from Philly is the real deal. To quote the facespace: If you like grime, dubstep, hip hop and all things “street bass” then Starkey’s hard edged spaced out crunk is the sound for you.

I’ve had this track on heavy rotation lately. Listen up at about 2 min 15 sec, when this boy sends it straight into orbit.

Lenses – Starkey

come over N play

14 Dec

Playmode – Is This Enough?

here’s a fresh n little bit spicy house cut to keep your indoor december drinking cozy. nice vocal effects, dubtribe piano riffs, tight lil bongos, airy overtones. yup, its like christmas in july… cept the opposite. O.o

stole this vid from from a blog called FTW. so i guess it doesn’t really count as stealing.

Limit to Your Love

8 Dec

Had James Blake‘s CMYK EP on repeat as of late (dubstep guy not tennis guy). this is different. its a dreary Feist cover with some deep dark bass. sad cool video too. happy fuckin holidays.

Limit to Your Love – James Blake

Way U Make Me Feel

6 Dec

Guido – Way U Make Me Feel

Drizzy make ur eyez cry?

8 Nov

new Drake! so real, so gay, so good.

Drake – Fall For Your Type (Same Mistakes)