3 May


Tracks builds upon the nymphonious – sounds surround slowly drown luring you in deeper and deeper a 01 Decent into aqueous blue green- a place where mammoth sea entities pay you no mind for this ancient world has long been theirs and you, you  02 Latch onto their blue green between – it feeds you just as much as it feeds them. Track 03: Three Sided Shape alludes to something different- a premonition, an anxious something, pit of your stomach inkling stirring in the depths below you. Minerals Track 04 that housey fundamental self consciously ambles through. On Deck 05 hangs its balls on deck- it knows exactly what it is. 06 – Before starts off as small movements within the void between being- then bass drum depth charges hit- massaged out over the voice of a seductress fem bot guiding you home. 07 Tracers comes in and things get out of hand, spiraling down closer and closer, over the GWB and into the Netherrealm- the adventures only just begun. 08 You Got Me sips through and you wind up in the centre. 09 So You Think Your Special retains that saturation – a goldfish trapped in Mankind’s womb or Nature’s wound – however you prefer – this track’s drum n bass element makes it sidewinder. 10 Heavy Machinery is an anomaly on this album like a rosy red pimple on the face- doesn’t fit the progression of the album as an experience. 11 Glance a dubby low end tragically left by the wayside, 12 Lights Out would have been juicy nice if it was 8 min instead of 4 and chocked full of goodies.

There are some goodies for sure- at a chilled out venue or throwing a party I ‘d include a couple tracks track or two, I love the sound but it’s not all there-just doesn’t finish as well as it could have. BUT I will be on the hunt for some vinyl.

some chilled out venue ?



You Got Me


2 Responses to “SCUBA – TRI∆NGUL∆TION”

  1. beatsmart 05/03/2010 at 8:58 pm #

    You’ve been reading too much Le Clezio.


  1. Minimally Tempered « yeah….Develop - 12/02/2010

    […] mix tones it down while making it more atmospheric- check our review of Scuba’s album Triangulation and the EP called Sepalcure, an album which seems to be doing quite […]

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