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22 Jul

“I Am David Jackson” marks the 8th or 9th some odd release by Phantom Power. It’s got 808s, filters, phasers, and sounds a lot like…FUCK. Who is David Jackson? WHO IS DAVID JACKSON?


H8 Yourself

24 Feb

Phantom Power’s coming out with “H8 Yourself” in the coming weeks



5 Jan

WHAT’S UP 2’11


[“As Is//Some Kind Of Cascade”]

YeahD presents COSMONAUT

29 Oct

Shoegazers Jack and Dan of “Cosmonaut” talk with Phantom Power about the 90s influence, CMJ, and… drugs. Also featuring some live footage from their CMJ showcase at Kenny’s Castaway on Bleecker Street. Check out their blog and myspace

Phantom Power New EP Coming

25 Jul

Flashing Lights/Twin Sister

31 May

NEW TRACK FROM KANYE OMG!! “Flashing Lights” just sounds SO FRESH! Uh, actually Kanye does have a new single, “Power” …but this is just a remix of sorts with Twin Sister’s “All Around And Away We Go” off of their Color Your Life EP, which is still buzzing around the internet. They’ve also started posting the stems on their website if you’re looking to make a mix.

Flashing Lights (Phantom Power Remix)

MF Doom’s Haunted Graffiti

29 Mar

Recently signed to 4AD, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti are recording a new hi-fi (that’s right, NOT lo-fi) record. In case you missed the promo single “Round and Round” you can nab it here.

Below are a couple of remixes, the first is blitzed by the winding nonsensical graffitis of MF Doom (aka DOOM) and the second is for nostalgic ariel pink enthusiasts:

“Doomsday Dance Blitz”:

“Round and Round” without the record deal:

Drake Undergoes Chemotherapy To Bald Head, Makes Him More Recognizable In The Club

11 Mar

^Drake/Coyote Clean Up – “Forever” (phantom pxxxer remix)^

Restless Native: Phantom Power

16 Aug


Our good friend Eric Littman, aka Phantom Power,  has been sending us tracks here and there for the past month, and I think its about time that I spread the wealth around (sorry mr. joe plumber). True to his moniker, Phantom Power is basically the digitization of Eric’s indie-grunge sound honed through his Sarkies project. the end result is a lo-fi synth-rock reminiscent of Ariel Pink or John Maus, but much cleaner. Then again, it’s hard to blanket these tracks with a single description, as each one elicits a distinct mood and indicates a combination of influences. I’ll just say that they are original and bumpin and worth the download. So clickety-click, mofuckas.

look alive – Phantom Power

shot by camera – Phantom Power

dash snow at work – Phantom Power

Shine like ’59 – Phantom power