Hartford Webster: Reid Speed, DieselBoy DubNation

2 Mar

Good show at the Webster this past weekend, met up with Claudio from my Diff Eq class, dancin’ up front, fakin like I was possessed er sump’ un, dunno… but I’d do it again.

Reid on the set… full screen this tiny ass shit

3 badly cut vids…i can’t be bothered to figure out this iphone shit, it should be plug in, drag and drop…. but it’s not.

The sound set up had wayy to much higher end harsh shit just killed the ears my shit was ringing for more than a day and… i took breaks now and then cause the sets were on that high energy dubstep tip, not like high energy psy-trance but like high energy raw dubstep, if you’ve ever been to one of those it’s like heavy metal reincarnate, at least that’s what ppl nowadays liken it to. The younger kids love this shit, literally throw themselves at it, I like ~50% of it and it was a weird coincidence that the song I was listening to in the shower the morning before was that song- literally pulled out my iphone, clicked over to the ipod and there was the albumen art…

Vaski – I Only Date Robots (because inside… i am a robot. )

Oil me up baby…Just kidding that’s not the album condom, this one is….but imagine having sex to this music, sounds like a keeper to me.


Is there a psychological condition for a human that aspires to be just like robo-cop? Robotism?? ….Japanese?


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