John Maus/Dogleather [Knitting Factory 2.12.11]

14 Feb

The late show on saturday night (sunday morning?) at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory started off a little after 1 with Dogleather, who is DJ Dog Dick and…some other dude. Kicking off their set with swirling noise, it quickly degenerated into “smack-to-the-face” noise, with both members tumbling about yelling awkward rhymes into their heavily distorted microphones. Literally tumbling by the way. DJ Dog Dick was whipping himself too. I talked to a couple friends of theirs at the bar and learned that Dogleather are from Baltimore and are associated with MICA. Crazy art students making disturbing music and videos?

John Maus (Haunted Graffiti Veteran) hit the stage a little past 2, frantically running through tracks mostly off of Love Is Real in addition to his new track, “And the Rain.” Maus brought on the energy, fist pumping through tracks like “Rights for Gays” and “Too Much Money.” Weird vibes sure, but everybody was pretty into it, on the verge of moshing- though we did share a heart to heart with Maus during “Do Your Best,” everybody reaching out and all. Glad he showed, unlike that CMJ mixup at Death By Audio.


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