9 Oct

Last night Starfucker and The Octopus Project played at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. I had been waiting for this concert for a while, as Starfucker has been on my musical rotation for about a year. After they changed their name to Pyramiddd (I know, right), they disappeared for some time. However, when their concert was announced during summer, and they changed their name back, I regained hope. The concert was a sweaty jump-pit of glowsticks and highschoolers. It was a smart decision to make the show 18+, as I realized these bands’ demographic fanbase is considerably younger than myself. I can honestly say this is the first time in a while that I have actually been stoked to be covered in the sweat of 15 different teenage boys.

The Octopus Project is a band from Austin that actually came to fame through myspace contest. They are very hyped, particularly with the younger crowd. They put on a great show, and the audience was loving it. Their sound is built on layered keyboard melodies, repetitive beats, and relies heavily on a build-up and then break-down, which each song is shaped around. It’s not a bad thing, but it does make the compositions of their music predictable. Interestingly, they use an instrument onstage that I had never seen before and was mesmerizing. It’s called a theremin, and is controlled purely by hand movements. The player moves her hands in the air around the antennas without touching them, creating changes the antennas’ electromagnetic fields. It was even more mesmerizing because the player was a beautifully dressed, elegant woman. It was pretty sweet. With a trippy blacklight stage set up, high energy, and pretty, electro-disco melodies, Octopus Project was a great opener.

Their New Single: The Octopus Project- Fugefat

Starfucker surprised me when they all came out wearing dresses. Well, the lead singer was wearing a suit, but still. I happen to take their music pretty seriously, and although it was obviously a gag, it set a tone for the night that was: “let loose and fucking dance.” Starfucker is highly underrated as a band- to me, they are a beautiful mezclado of guitar melodies, dreamy vocals, space-like synth highlights, and bubbly infectious beats. Plus, they use real synths, NOT LAPTOPS! The genre I find them listed under is “Indie Sex“- which I find stupid, but also understand, because it is sexy. I would call them Experimental Electronic Pop- essentially like Neon Indian if he took his sound out of the 1960s. Anyway, the concert was pretty incredible. High energy, the songs, mostly old but some new, faded into each other with little time to catch my breath. The vibes were always positive, even when the crowd got out of control as the lead singer repeatedly attempted to surf but ended up being hug-attacked by all of us. It made me feel liberated- like I said, I was surrounded by underage kids, but Starfucker‘s music also has a seriously nostalgic edge to it. In the end, we were all dripping wet and I scrambled onstage to get the setlist… what can I say, I was up to my old shenanigans.


Starfucker- German Love. mp3


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