Sup mista marrshin

29 Sep

lately my quality of life has improved with every lil wayne release, be it a single, mixtape, ep, etc. i listen to it over and over, chillin in bed, taking the crosstown, bullshitting with Nunez way too late into the night. it elevates my mood all day long. like running or dating a nice girl- just feels right, reminds you what’s important in life. i know its cheeseball but its true. im just really thankful he tucked away shit like this for all of us to enjoy while he’s chillin upstate (only a little more than a month to go, countdown time. i wonder if we can get a big yeahD clock like that one in Union Sq to tick off the seconds? prob not on wordpress hosted. shiiiiiii.).

so you know how everybody was kinda like, oh, shit, what if drake is the new face of young money and wayne kinda falls off? yeah, never. gonna. happen. these productions are so tight, and lil wayne reigns in his crazy with a sharpness that recalls the best of his leaked material from before Carter 3. The obvious favorite is Gonerrhea. Wayne teams up once again with Kane Beatz (maker of that glorious riff on Right Above It) and the combination is just scary. That’s the point. But its also just the first track. Highlights include the soulful With You that’s got Drake doing some singing and What’s Wrong With Them ft. Nicki Minaj on a nice chorus as well (I think Young Money realized the value of combining clever rhymes and a worthwhile hook- and that value has a few commas in it). My personal favorites are tracks 8 and 9: Popular with Lil Twist is a great production with a hilarious refrain and some solid wayne rhymes, and That Ain’t Me featuring Jay Sean will be the dark horse single that starts getting radio play on Hot 97 by the end of the month. I promise.

Popular (Prod. by Drumma Boy) – Lil Wayne ft. Lil Twist

That Ain’t Me (Prod. by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) – Lil Wayne ft. Jay Sean

Anyways, free weezy, etc. This will help tide me over though. Get more tracks from the EP or the whole thing here. Also, heard something about an impending Carter IV. Needless to say, goddamn.


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