Donny Darko Music

24 Aug

Goth Trad

Goth Trad is a dubstep producer from Japan, he makes music under the Deep Medi Muisc label with producers like Mala, Silki, Tunnidge and Coki. This has to be my favorite label because the music these guys make literally IS deep meditation music; it’s minimally crafted, dark an otherworldly. It’s easy to get tired of unoriginal punch-drunk happy culture, so this is comparable to some Donny Darko shit. Goth Trad is bringing up the underground dubstep scene in Japan with an event called Back to Chill he hosts with his crew in Osaka and Tokyo. Read more about it in the major newspaper The Japan Times and this UK website Faze2Agency that also put up an interview with Goth Trad in Germany.

Goth Trad – Back to Chill


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