Somethin’ Special

21 Aug

Proximity One

Quick preview of the album that endeavors to capture LA in a bottle. It marks the start of a new label called Proximal Records. Check out the full reviews on both Pitchfork and.. surprisingly NPR. Forget about Pitchfork’s rating, what do they know, just get it.


0.0 Dam-Funk – Another Day at the Carnival

2.18 BearClaw – Robotrimpin

3.45 Wake – Buttabump

5.35 Tokimonsta – Cigarette Lust

7.10 Herma Puma (NOT PROXIMAL) – Dream – Synchromystic – First World Records

8.30 Daedelus – Off Angeles Edges

10.54 Juj – Creep


Looks like they’ve got a good crew going, good luck to them. Note this is not all of the songs, it’s actually a really great deal, if you buy the album off of Amazon it’s 8 bucks for 20 songs and I didn’t even include some of the more popin’ shit- I’ll drop those in under Mixtapes with some more FWR stuff later.


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