Neon Indian @ Governor’s Island 8.14.10

16 Aug

Ramona Gonzalez, aka Nite Jewel, unleashed her moody L.A. disco-pop to an unsuspecting “is this neon indian? i love deadbeat summer” audience, playing a few tracks off of her new EP Am I Real? in addition to a couple cuts off her debut Good Evening. Check out “What Did He Say” and “Spiritual Nite Life”

DOM hit hard with distorted powerchords and catchy punk ripoffs like “Bochicha,” inciting a small mosh pit upfront and boring everyone else. After muttering, “I’ve got some bad news, this is our last song” the drummer cued the backtrack and on came “Living In America”

Alan may still be riding on the success of Psychic Chasms, and may also be a little chubz/ugz, but he and his band played a good set. Yeah, that single for Mountain Dew “Sleep Paralysist” and their Paul McCartney cover “Temporary Secretary” sucked, but we got a guest appearance by Au Revior Simone to sing along to Neon Indian’s remix of their single “Another Likely Story.” Cool. But when are we getting some new tunes?


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