Circus Records: More Grimy Ass Bass

12 Aug

Inspired by ch0pstick’s Bass Punch Records Mix, here’s another grimy ass bass mix. Circus Records is a label that specializes in the sordid stuff, and is founded by none other than Doctor P and Flux Pavilion. They just released their “Beats and Pieces” EP, which features the founders alongside barbaric grimemaster Cookie Monsta and Unitz, who is also signed to the eminent Dub Police. Not for the faint hearted.

Pick up the EP here, and check out the mix below for Circus releases old and new.

Circus Records Mix


00.00   Excuse Me                    Flux Pavilion                [Beats and Pieces]

05.06   Turkish Delight            Amadeus                       [All Stars EP]

09.45   Ginger Pubes                Cookie Monsta             [Ginger Pubes / Blurgh!]

14.50   Vampire Dub                Doctor P                         [Beats and Pieces]

20.09   So Vexed                       Funtcase                         [So Vexed / Mattress Punch]

25.05   Night Goes On             Flux Pavilion                  [Voscilate / Night Goes On]


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