Hostile Take-Over: Glitch Mob Remix Contest

11 Aug

Underground Ripp off Remix Contest

Go to this site and grab the .wav stems to remix the shit out of this Glitch Mob track. I know, I know, way to be a mainstream-er, hyper, sell out, bla fuckin’ bla. But if you’re thinkin’ “uh yeah sure, I got an intro copy of logic/protools/ableton I torrented and hacked with a Trojan for the key… who the fuck dosen’t??” Well then come on down and join our little circle and enter YeahD’s own Underground Ripp off Remix Contest. For the track, dun dun duunnn “DRIVE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT”. Submit it to us as a .mp3 or post the link in the comments if your a lazy mother f-er. Whatever your genre specialty, First prize gets the self-proclaimed title of Underground Bloggosphere Remix King. Second place you get nothing and third place you get nothing.

Yeah Due Date: None

Official Due Date: Aug. 20th, get moving.

Here’s the link to the official ad (where you can download the .wav stems – they’re fuckin’ givin’ it to you on a platter.)


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