Delorean- Soundtrack to Your Next Dance Parti.

11 Aug

Delorean is a band that I briefly discovered while studying abroad in Barcelona and fell in love with when I saw them live in July in NYC. Originally from the Basque country of Spain (not to be confused with any other autonomous region), this foursome relocated to Barcelona a few years ago and have stayed in touch with their Spanish roots with tours around the country and the homegrown sound they so much promote with their most recent gem of an album “Subiza.”

Delorean performed a free show at the Stuytown Oval last month as part of the “Music on the Oval” series. First, a little background on Stuytown, which is a housing complex in alphabet city that resembles a large set of projects from the outside but actually was recently purchased and converted into rent-controlled (but not dirt-cheap) housing, mostly for families and middle-class occupants. Inside of the complex exist large “ovals” of grass and various playgrounds and fountains. It’s a very nice place and promotes the revolutionary idea of providing affordable, safe, community living in Manhattan. Go Stuytown!

Anyway the Oval music series featured other artists that are not at all in the same genre as Delorean and have a more diverse, family appeal. Some include Easy Star All-Stars, Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens and Tony Allen, all of whom I’ve never heard of, but hell, the Oval is a freaking’ awesome place for shows.

Walking up to the oval with beers in our waterbottles, my friends and I were shocked to see a wonderland of blue and green balloons and children running about. There were trucks with healthy food offerings and families picnicking. For a moment we thought we were in the wrong place, because Delorean is awesome, danceXcore shit, often for the drug-fuled. Soon we discovered a secret pocket of hipsters on the other side of the stage, with their own beers in paper bags.

Delorean- Child Friendly? When at Stuytown, Indeed.

The moment Delorean started, the picnics were forgotten as music lovers rushed the staged and formed a dance pit. Barefoot on stage, the keyboard player stole the show, skanking and thrashing his head around. The sexy lead singer charmed the ladies of the crowd with his accent that would only become obvious when he said “Thank You!” after each song. The other two were easily forgotten in the sound, but that sound- “Electronic Indie”- was fantastic! They sound is one of a million different influences, from ambient beats to rave beats, shoegaze to dream pop. They exist somewhere where Cut Copy meets Phoenix.  Where Electronic Memory Tapes meets Phantom Power (OH YES NAME DROPPING!!). Alright, that was a little out of left field, but hey. All in all, the soundtrack to your next dance parti. Believe me.

The next night, I was still entranced by Delorean’s sweet beats and followed “them” out to Gowanus, Brooklyn for a DJ set at Littlefield, which is a great place for the record. After much confusion of their start time, the lack of equipment and their van getting “lost,” the drummer of all people, hit the turntable. Though I was expecting something much different, and possibly even Spanish, he did an amazing job, sampling the likes of Beach House to Ginuwine (ohhh yeah). It was all around a great time and kept the crowd- whom I might mention was comprised of Brits, Irish, and Americans- dancing like maniacs until 4 am.

Free concert gets an A+ and free DJ set the next night leads me to marvel at how generous these rockers are. Complete the experience by seeing them at the Williamsburg Waterfront Pool Parties August 29th. Wear a Spanish accessory and you might even get un beso.

MP3- Delorean: “Stay Close”


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