Williamsburg Waterfront Kicks Off w/ Grizzly Horses

6 Jul

The Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn is a favorite of summer concert goers. This year, contrary to previous years, the waterfront is featuring both medium-priced large-scale concerts and the famous free jelly pool parties. The waterfront is the set up for a perfect concert: lots of space, great headliners, a great sunset, and the best view of Manhattan.

A few weeks ago, I saw Grizzly Bear and Band of Horses kick off the first concert of summer here. It was a $30 ticket, which was pricey, but I could see where all of the money went when I saw the set up of the concert- there were about 5000 people there, 10 tents, vendors, and a huge stage. Although the layout of the main standing room was super complicated, because it was sorted into drinking and non-drinking, there was sufficient space to enjoy the concert.

Grizzly Bear is one of my all-time favorite bands and actually the main reason I got these tickets. They played the jelly pool parties last summer, but I regrettably was in Vancouver at the time. As expected, they were fantastic live. Worth all of thy hype you hear about them, but you already knew that, didn’t you? There’s not much else to say except you should see them, too. They’re playing Governor’s Island August 12th with the Walkmen.

Band of Horses is another great band and one that I am fond of. I listened to their latest gem of an album, Infinite Arms, a few times before the concert and was stoked to hear it live. It didn’t really occur to me until the concert was through how many distinct and awesome sounds that BOH have. They are most popular for the minimal, catchy, repetitive, and vocal-based songs of their first two albums, which  singles like “No One’s Gonna Love You,” “Is There a Ghost,” and “Funeral.”

However, their new album showcased the amount the band has grown in the past few years, as their sound, as a band, has grown together to become much more full and rewarding. Infinite Arms is more country than stoner rock, which defined Cease to Begin. Live, the sound was fantastic, and they played for a solid two hours, all of their new album and almost all fan favorites from their older tracks. I left a much bigger fan than I headed in as.

A sampling of BOH’s best new song, “Older” @ the Waterfront.

All in all, I deem the Williamsburg waterfront one of the best places to see free and paid concerts this summer! The list of Jelly Pool Parties has just been announced showcasing some of Indie’s best free shows while simultaneously being some of the summer’s biggest parties. This sunday is perhaps the best show of the whole lineup, Xiu Xiu and Deerhoof playing Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures, Fang Island, and Why?. See you there.


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