Reality Check

17 Jun

I have taken a break from probably 40+ hours of Red Dead Redemption gameplay since Saturday to bring you, and myself, this much needed reality check. Shut the 360 off, get out into the sun and enjoy the new freebies being passed around the net. Really be one of those assholes with those ‘Life is Good‘ spare tire covers n shirts n key chains. Nah. Back to shootin’ bitches in the alternate universe that is Red Dead. Highly recommended if you aren’t getting any or if you are stealth enough to have stolen the xbox right out from under your gf (heh). Not sure if owning one yourself is deserving of more or less points in this case.

Anyhow. I’m not a nerd, listen…

Beirut – The Concubine (MY!GAY!HUSBAND! CLUB EDIT) mp3

Golden AgesAfrica (Toto) mp3

Cocknbuillkid – Cocknbuillkid mp3

^^Kind of obnoxiously irresistible? Give it a few weeks and it will be in an ipad commercial


Thanks for being more creative than me.


One Response to “Reality Check”

  1. Danny 09/04/2010 at 6:12 pm #

    Nice post!

    And thanks for including my photo!

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