A Photograph Won’t Hold You When It’s Cold

7 Jun

This post has taken me forever so apologies in advance. I first downloaded REAL FRIENDS by Minneapolis-based Elite Gymnastics (aka Chillwave Millionaires) almost three weeks ago, but street fights in Valparaiso and long goodbyes in Buenos Aires didn’t leave me much time to write this damn thing. You might’ve seen these guys around the blogs already, but either way they deserve some YeahD props. Also I really wanted to post up this album cover cause its awesome.

REAL FRIENDS is the most important post-chillwave release of 2010 thus far. The productions are lush, combining elements of new wave, RnB, 90s house, and contemporary hip hop into a surreal and sinister form of electronic pop music. The vocals add a nice…. realness to the tracks, with themes of suburban apathy, reckless drug-use, and casual destruction of innocence that take me back to all those aimless nights in the 860. Altogether, it sounds kind of like if Chaz Bundick was a total badass, or if Matthew Dear did vocals for Pictureplane, or if Tanlines had talent. Basically its chillwave all growed-sup.

The EP has got 4 tracks. We Fly High features a tripped-out monologue over a stark, reverby instrumental loop:  The whole reason i wanted to be a DJ was the feeling I got sitting next to the subwoofer listening to the upper-cuts on Rick Ross, tripping on Robotussin… The second track, If U Love Me, puts some airy synths over a 90s RnB drumkit for a nice pop song about internet heartbreak:”If you love him then why did you take that picture?”

If U Love Me – Elite Gymnastics

Real Friends, the title track, is a new wave inspired march that feels like an homage to our favorite New Order singles. The last track, Is This On Me? is the strongest on the EP and will certainly grace many a best-of list come December. The production is gigantic with soaring strings and vocal samples, brooding and relentless synths, rolling high-hats, and ominous vocals describing a teenage girl’s fall from grace. My play count for this one on iTunes is 54. After three weeks. That’s a real number.

Check out the video by ben sifel that goes so nicely:

Is This On Me? – Elite Gymnastics

I’ve also included a new Elite Gymnastics remix of Florrie‘s Come Back To Mine which cuts up the original against some funky bass and bell work:

Come Back To Mine (Elite Gymnastics Remix) – Florrie

To download the full REAL FRIENDS EP complete with album art and other goodies, check out the group’s website, P S Y C H E D E L I C S U R F C L U B.


One Response to “A Photograph Won’t Hold You When It’s Cold”

  1. Emfresh 06/15/2010 at 5:05 pm #

    Bmo on the psp is wassup.

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