Bushwick Rooftop Fest Rocked

1 Jun

This past weekend was the Bushwick Rooftop Fest, a two day indie music festival that took place on two different rooftops in the up-and-coming neighborhood in Brooklyn. I was lucky to get Sunday off of work to enjoy the festival, and did I ever.

Sunday the lineup consisted of 11 different bands and technically ran from 330 to 1030. All were eclectic groups of younguns, some from brooklyn but most not, styles ranging from rock to experimental to electro-pop. Sunday’s roof was a great spot on Cook street off of the L’s Morgan stop, and coincidentally I had been to a wild party on that same rooftop last summer. The only thing I really remember about that party was a naked guy. I digress.

We got there around 5 pm just as a Baltimore-based duo that goes by the name of Weekends began their 45-min set. They were, actually, the best band we saw all day and night. The guitarist was full of energy and ripped up his guitar for the (then-small) crowd, and the drummer impressively balanced his drumsticks and singing on the mic the entire time. They are a little too fond of the echoing vocal effect, but their music lacked little else, and the melodies are strong. “Raingirls” is their best. They are playing at Death By Audio on June 30th.

After them came The Binary Marketing Show, a collective from Maspeth, whom I  found out through researching are actually a duo. They were most memorable for their range of instruments, which showcased a trumpet to a mandolin. Their music was nice, some songs with a country twang, not extremely memorable

Somewhere between drinking four beers, ignoring a few shitty bands and getting a sunburn we realized we had to get off the roof and get some pizza at nearby Roberta’s (MMMM). When we returned, equipped with more booze and full stomachs, the moon had transformed the roof into a massively dark, sloppy, and frankly terrific party, probably hosting 250 people. After drinking and playing grab-ass for a while we headed back to the stage, noticing that the bands were getting a lot more attention than they had before. The lineup was more well-planned and their equipment was fancier- basically, they saved the flashiest and most popular bands for the late evening.

The next good band was Brooklyn’s own Red Wire Black Wire, which featured three separate guitarists on top of a bassist, drummer and synthesizer player, which created a really full sound. Every song was different, every song was fun. The singer demanded attention but wasn’t cocky, while being to the point with his vocals, which lots of the other bands lacked.  At the time I thought of them as a much popper interpol and I noticed that some guitar riffs clearly found influence in Ratatat. They really got the crowd pumped up.

Last and great was Darlings, not to be confused with The Darlings or Them Darlings, a band that topped the night off splendidly. Their sound contains many discernible influences- lo-fi, punk, pop. They are probably the most promising band of the evening as the crowd was loving it and a lot of people actually knew who them were. The best thing about the band was how each of them played off of each other, which really fine-tuned the sound. Oh, and the drummer was really sexy.

Also worth noting was that there was a FIRE DANCER (!!!) and she was amazing. Highlight of the evening.

I met the guy who ran it, Steve something, and he made it seem like an annual thing. YEA!


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