The Ghetto, The Ghetto, The Ghetto Ghetto

8 May

So Freddie Gibbs (pictured smoking a bl- …cigar?) is getting some hype for his hot new track “the ghetto,” but something’s amiss. Oh yeah, the beat and flow are lifted from an infamous ’95 Big L/Jay-Z freestyle. Remember that 7 minute one with that rambling piano, Big L classics like “i’m so ahead of my time my parents haven’t met yet,”  and Jay-Z lines like “i’m too cocky to stop me you gotta kill me and when i’m gone you can still feel me”-yeah that one.

7 Minute Freestyle w_Jay-Z

Hold up.

So while it might seem like Freddie borrowed everything from this freestyle, he did add something all on his own… the hook: “the ghetto, the ghetto,  the ghetto ghetto, i’m from the ghetto,” just in case we ever doubted his street cred.

Link to the video below:

Freddie Gibbs ‘The Ghetto’


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