Djobi Djoba

28 Apr

Some random childhood memories. Thanks for these, Dad, and the nearly crippling OCD.

The Gypsy Kings – Djobi Djoba

Steely Dan – Peg

Bobby Caldwell – Open Your Eyes

Pink Floyd – Dogs

David Bowie – Sweet Thing

Fast forward. You’re now 50 and hassling your cracked out teenager to burn these onto a CD for you. Shit comes full circle real quick, son. Better get a nice card for Mothers/Fathers day this year, cause you’ve taken some serious years off of their lives and they molded you into the narcissistic little bastert(d) you are today, postin’ they shit up on wordpress.

Here’s a new one, from the 2k10s, for your pleasure. Savor this one.

Thieves Like Us – Forget Me Not (Cécile Small Town Girl Remix) mp3

Oh and in case you didn’t know how ground breaking this fag was.


One Response to “Djobi Djoba”

  1. AnonAnon 04/28/2010 at 10:33 pm #

    Crispy traaacks.

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