DaVinci De-Mystified [Mux Mool]

25 Apr

All too often artists, musicians, business men, computer gurus, math professors, journalists, scientists, the government and yes even your Dear Old Mother- hide their aptitudes by adhering to their own code of secrecy for the sake of power preservation and awe- inspiring mystification – Da Vinci burnt all the shit he thought didn’t look pretty and the recipe you got from your mother always seems to be “missing that something”… Fortunately progressives like Mr. Mool are here to spill the beans… and get no money. Mux Mool’s punchy beats remind me of Beck’s “I could give a less of a shit” attitude (soy un perdedor). Keep it up Mool- I sincerely hope you garner a big enough following to pay your water and electric bill- Cheers to you mate.

“Skulltaste” is Mux Mool’s latest album released under Ghostly International. Here is is. OR pick up the album off of beatport.com

Haven’t listened to the entire album yet but here’s my favorite so far. It’s amazing thinking of the implications of home production- it will raise the bar of music…sorry Timbo you had to abdicate sometime.


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