Cubic Zirconia, holla holla.

7 Apr

Pizza anyone? This is not the delivery guy, it’s Nick Hook from Cubic Zirconia, uhduh.

Got permission from mom to stay out late the evening of April 2nd, when Cubic Zirconia came to town (Hartford). Got there a little after 11 to a convict lookin’ motherfucker on tha DJ machinery. Former guitarist of Hatebreed to give him some cred (?) Ggggnarly. Straight serious with the knuckle tattoos, I had to admit he wasn’t so bad. What was especially delightful about F.Sean’s set was that curly red head Nick Hook, constantly pressing on his reggae air horn mixer effect. Definitely added a nasty club feeling to the night which I appreciated, of course.

Cubic went on around 1 and lit the place up with their ‘ethnic disco’ rendition of Fuck Work. While Tiombe was another face in the crowd, disinterested in the rational behind my poor communication skills, she had an undeniable presence on stage. Had plenty of skinny white girls getting their jiggy on. Definitely worth the cash, as long as you embrace the fact that CZ is just so much cooler than you and your friends.

p.s – hope you like my google pic finds.


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