31 Mar

Ethnic disco, or so they say. You be the judge. Cubic Zirconia is on the way to The Warehouse in Hartford this Friday, April 2nd with a once scheduled Egyptrixx, but you can catch those guys in lieu of the CT show in NYC the following day @ Webster Hall. Check their page for updates. Local DJs to boot though, so, take those chillweaves off and get heated with some sexy female vocals and down right dirty beats. Goodies make the boys jump on it? Oh yeah, and don’t forget those guys in the back while you’re droolin’ out your seat to Tiombe Lockhart (droppin sex torpidos).

Kid Cudi – Make Her Say (Cubic Zirconia Remix)

Cubic Zirconia – Josephine^^ [mp3]

Les Sins – FCK WRK REWRK)** [mp3]

Cubic Zirconia – Fuck Work (Dam Funk Remix)**

Egyptrixx – All That Jelly [mp3]

My days(day) as a critic are over, but I may come back with a well thought out word or two, and a picture I’ve scalped from someone much more motivated than me. On the other hand, you can use a variety of measurements to determine the success of the event, including but not limited to: shame, intoxication, shrinkage, $$, friendly or inappropriate gestures, and of course…the cognitive dissonance that may or may not occur after the performances. Derrh.


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