My Life in the Bush of Psychobuildings?

25 Mar

Psychobuildings is a fresh n steamy piece of neo-new wave from BK, NY that promises to be, at the very least, a great Talking Heads cover band. featuring members from Small Black and Silk Flowers, the young group has only three tracks to their name, but this ain’t no foolin around. Their brand of cerca-1980 funky synth-rock w/ quirky David Byrne/James Murphy style vocals will doubtless be a danceable live show, so check em out at Music Hall of Williamsburg on April 10. $12 ain’t bad, and who knows, they just might drop song number four and blow your fuggin mind.

Paradise – Psychobuildings (mp3)

Birds of Prey – Psychobuildings (mp3)

Dirty Rainbows – Psychobuildings (mp3)


One Response to “My Life in the Bush of Psychobuildings?”

  1. ryan S 03/30/2010 at 10:30 am #

    num 4 yurrp:

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