Pictureplane: Fantasy Redux

24 Mar

pictureplane aka Travis Egedy is lingering on the fringes of dancy chillwave- but not for long. much like toro y moi, he uses layered synths, altered vocal samples, and hip hop looping sensibilities to craft inviting, danceable textures that lean more toward pop-electronica than your typical chillwave emo-drone. Yet unlike TyM, who sounds like Michael if he’d been a drum machine wizard, PP goes darker, fusing elements of psychodelic funk, crunchy bass, and disco noir (check out the eerie Stevie Nicks sample on Goth Star):

Goth Star – Pictureplane (mp3)

That was on PP’s well-received 2009 album Dark Rift. This past month he released a single called “Beyond Fantasy.” Its a rework of Baby D’s early 90z classic “Let Me Be Your Fantasy” and its crazy. I also added a couple remixes involving Teengirl Fantasy who’ve had some mention on yeahD before, and Future Islands (e-ressssss).

Beyond Fantasy – Picture Plane (mp3)*****

Old Dreamer (Pictureplane Remix) – Future Islands (mp3)
New Mind (Teengirl Fantasy Wide Open Edit) – Pictureplane (mp3)

We blasted PP’s Hartford show with Small Black and Washed Out a couple weeks back, but I wasn’t in attendance. All I can say is that its pretty lucky y’all got to listen to Pictureplane instead of Tanlines, who like Chromeo should only ever be heard in remix form. Cheers.


One Response to “Pictureplane: Fantasy Redux”

  1. eres 03/25/2010 at 9:40 pm #

    i saw future islands are doing a couple shows (april/may)



    and the pictureplane remix is great

    but i wanna see those guys belt out beach foam baby

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