There’s a place for Optimus Prime in Hip-Hop

22 Mar

There’re certainly some things we can all agree should be shunned, things we easily don’t support: Neo-Nazism, The Octomom’s recent conception attempts, Booger Eating, this website (mm, on second thought), Chris Brown’s career. So, putting up this song may make some of you, well, wince, then shout, “Chris Brown! But he is a despicable little bitch! How dare you suggest this track!”

Just keep in mind y’all, the I Can Transform Ya remix is made by DJ Sat-One, a long time hip-hop producer still tossing up some of the smoothest, glossiest songs released only on Myspace. Download support goes solely to Sat-One. I even doubt Chris Brown knows this mix exists.

For some, this track is a loophole for guilt-free Chris Brown enjoyment, a rare chance to soak in his boyish vocal hooks. For most, it’ll be a favorite crunky booty jam.

The other songs included are just as solid, but…how should I say this…Weezy-less. You’ll know what I mean.

I Can Transform Ya (Dj Sat-1 Remix) – Chris Brown

What U Want (DJ Sat One Remix) – The Roots
Be Alright feat. Hezekiah (produced by DJ Sat One) – E Major


One Response to “There’s a place for Optimus Prime in Hip-Hop”


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    […] the obligatory Rihanna mention following DP’s post on DJ Sat-1’s unforgettable mix of Chris Brown and Weezy’s “I Can Transform […]

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