Spring Cleaning.

16 Mar

So you thought news years was your time to shine? A time for resolution, a time for change. While it’s easy to get swept up in the tradition of it all, it sure ain’t easy to carry on when most of what needs sweeping is still in a pile of dust under your bed. Cleanliness is next to godliness, and if renewing your faith isn’t important enough for you (like me) to clean the dirty socks you’ve shoved into the corner of your closet, then just remember, your friends and family think you’re disgusting. You can’t escape it. Do yourself a favor and declutter. Only then can you make your 2k10 dreams come true. Spring is coming, and it’s the perfect weather to launch your excessive belongings from your window and into the street for other less fortunate people to pick through. Won’t this make you feel good! I’ve even put together a few songs for you to enjoy while you peel away the material layers.

Collette – Asatske

Deacon Gookin (local boyy)- Glad I met you

Dykeritz – Twilight of the Watermelon

q. Is god relevant in this post?

a. Until you have witnessed a vacuumed and freshly febreezed afterlife, cleanliness should be judged upon personal, damaging experience.


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