Washed Out, The Washed Update.

9 Mar

Well, it was a long build up to a long and mostly dissatisfying show in Hartford. Above is a photo of PicturePlane, filling in for Tanlines who pulled out a day before the show. Of course, no one would have known this unless you checked the Hartford Party Starters blog a day or two after the fact (which I did). Rolled into the venue around 10:30 to a dismal turnout (show started at 9:00) and waited another hour or two before someone (??) worthwhile came on stage. You might think, well hey, don’t you know what PicturePlane, Small Black and Washed Out sound like? To put it clearly, ‘chillwave’ seems to be just so fucking chill that the night was almost as indecipherable as… PicturePlane, Small Black and Washed Out were. Not only that, a clear lack of organization combined with no signals as to who was performing and when, led me to believe that the reckless abandon that was this night is due to the hard-pressed situation that is The Warehouse and the small semblance of a scene that is Hartford, being filled with flakey egos who care more about their Wolf/Tiger T’s (thanks for the simple email Ernest) and getting their dicks wet than actually demanding a more organized show from these guys. Thank god most of my night was spent drunk and waiting at the terribly serviced bar. I apologize if my heckling after the show offended you. See ya never.

P.S – In all honesty, while I can appreciate the efforts of those who try to get these shows into the smaller venues, and will continue to go and support better music coming into the local scene, there is something to be said for some much needed criticism. Help Hartford.

P.P.S – It’s way too long of a drive back to mommies house at 3:00 am. Gotta wrap it up. Put a bow on it. Get it out of here.

Here’s something better. To which I accredit this; I haven’t been burned by it yet! Therefore, my remaining 2k10 plans involve music alone, in a dark room.

Coyote Clean Up – Don’t Worry Dub [Via Gorilla Vs Bear]


21 Responses to “Washed Out, The Washed Update.”

  1. Elyse 03/10/2010 at 5:51 am #

    Okay, so it wasn’t the best show I’ve ever been to but I had an awesome time. The guys were down to earth and really friendly after the show, and I totally enjoyed their performance. Just hearing Washed Out and Small Black play together live was enough for me. I don’t know what the hell you’re complaining about. The fact that it went late? It was a Saturday night. Who gives a shit? The venue was sweet and for a Hartford show, my expectations were blown away.

    From what I saw, assuming this was written by Dustin, you looked like you were having a pretty good time too. So quit bein’ a hater.

  2. ihadsevenfaces 03/10/2010 at 6:08 am #

    I can imagine luring the 21- crowd with candy treats and delusions of grander about getting cute guysez numbers is enough to satisfy your needs at a show. What I personally can’t believe, is that your mother would let you drive off at 4:00 am with your Estrogen all a rage after having chatted up guys pressing buttons all night. I can see they pressed yours the right way. hubba hubba. The turnout was terrible, and whatever turnout they had was turned off from waiting around. After twiddling my twat in the ladies room for far too long I decided to ask someone who should have had the ultimate knowledge, but to my dismay and unfortunate reassurance… he did not have a clue either. Poorly done.

    P.S – Unless they let Dustin into the ladies room, you can’t count on this post not being his.

  3. Neil Brewer 03/10/2010 at 7:59 am #

    It’s probably not the best idea to respond to critical blog posts, but we’ve got a pretty small, burgeoning scene here is Hartford and I think there might be some value in doing it here; if only to maybe convince you that your support is needed a whole lot more than your pretty mean spirited criticism.

    No one was more bummed on Tanlines canceling than we were, believe me. Unfortunately Eric’s grandfather died the day before the show and he had to fly to Pittsburgh to be with his family. They wrote us a very nice note, which reads in part:

    “I’ve never cancelled a show before, so I’m disappointed to do it, but a situation like this, it is obvious that there’s nothing we can do otherwise… we’ll definitely make it up to you guys!”

    For our part, we put that information out as soon as we knew via the blog, facebook, and I’m pretty sure twitter. We were also really lucky to be able to have Pictureplane come in Tanlines place on extremely short notice. Your tastes are obviously different from mine, but I thought he slayed.

    In response to some of your other criticisms, we posted the order of the bands on facebook a couple of times, and we do respond to questions people pose in the comments section of the event page. The first band went on about an hour and a half after doors, which is pretty standard I think. As far as signals indicating who is performing, I guess we could get on the mic and introduce the bands, but I’ve never seen that done before.

    Yes, tiger/wolf t-shirts are funny, but they’re not a great indication of someone’s flakiness or ego. The bands were all really nice, normal guys, who spent most of their time backstage preparing to play, not getting loaded/trying to get their dicks wet. We’re also pretty normal, nice guys with our own day jobs and girlfriends. We don’t make money on these shows, point of fact we lose a lot of our own money and put up with a decent about of grief and bullshit to keep them happening for $5 or free.

    My name is Neil Brewer, and my e-mail address is Neil.J.Brewer@gmail.com. We have two shows coming up, Cubic Zirconia/Egyptrixx on April 2nd and Javelin/Lemonade on May 25th. If you’re interested in helping build a scene in Hartford rather than taking a big shit on it we could really use the help making these things happen.


  4. Anonymous 03/10/2010 at 8:13 am #

    the show cost $5 , was held in a warehouse and the hosts are named ‘hartford party starters’- all factors that don’t exactly scream good service and an organized show. compared to the usual crammed basement full of plaid and pbr that you’d catch these bands at, the spacious warehouse was a treat, especially considering it didn’t have the strict policies as most larger venues. both small black and washed out killed it and the show was fun if you let it be.

  5. ihadsevenfaces 03/10/2010 at 9:26 am #

    I have been an avid supporter of this scene for a little bit now, and the smaller shows they have put on have been much more organized and enjoyable then this. I do support the scene, but I am absolutely not going to stick my nose up these guys assholes and not drop a bit of honesty when it’s needed. If the only factors being judged on this night was the “nobleness” of this grand scheme and getting great bands in… if it were left at that, yeah sure… great job you got all these up and coming bands who need promotion a gig. I do in fact like all of the bands who played, including PicturePlane who filled in! There was absolutely no criticism on my part for Tanlines pulling out, just irritation about not having a clue… because some of us don’t stalk FB 99% of the day. What I would consider flakey is seeking out a knowledgeable answer from your encyclopedia of Hartford Party Starter knowledge, and getting brushed off by some guy who was completely uninterested in helping. Should I appreciate this lackluster service? Nah, like I said… from my eyes, this is how I saw it.

  6. boomboomclap 03/10/2010 at 10:03 am #

    I’m friends w the hpsu but have to agree w the article. It was so late/sloppy/freezing (also, bands weren’t on an hour and a half after doors open, I got there at 10:30 and waited about 1.5-2 hours for the bands, while the crowd thinned out due to boredom). So, I agreed w the article. If you want to keep building the “scene”, use your organization of neon indian as your example, not some decrepit bar show run by people who actually have no idea what’s happening w their own event…even though you’re bff w the bartenders daddy.

  7. Neil Brewer 03/10/2010 at 10:14 am #

    I understand that you’d be irritated not knowing that Tanlines had dropped out, but save for the facebook, blog, and twitter there isn’t much else we can do to let people know. When you write, “of course, no one would have known this unless you checked the Hartford Party Starters blog a day or two after the fact,” you make it sound as though we waited a day or two to put the information out, which was not the case.

    In regard to the flakey thing, I don’t know who it is that you asked, but there are four Hartford Party Starters and you didn’t ask any of us. Sorry if you were given bad information by someone passing themselves off as knowing what’s up. Just like the line-up change, we do the best that we can and it’s not fair to hold us accountable for whatever bad information might be out there.

    As far as the bar service goes, no one is asking that you appreciate bad service, but that’s sort of ancillary to the show, and again beyond our direct control. At any rate we’ve already talked to the club, they noticed the problem themselves, and they’re getting more bartenders the next time.

    No one is suggesting that you need to “stick [your] nose up [our] assholes,” or that you’ve got to like every show or write dishonest reviews. However, some consideration of the “nobleness” would be appreciated, because when you write things like:

    “the reckless abandon that was this night is due to the small semblance of a scene that is Hartford, being filled with flakey egos who care more about their Wolf/Tiger T’s and getting their dicks wet than actually putting together and performing a decent show.”

    It’s easy to mistake you for something other than an “avid supporter of this scene.”

  8. anonymous 03/10/2010 at 10:29 am #

    I’ve been amused by the back and forth and I just can’t resist and join in. I only have one question: Mr. Neil Brewer, it’s a Thursday, why aren’t you at your day job? Also, Christ on a cracker just give it a rest.

  9. Neil Brewer 03/10/2010 at 10:40 am #

    Shhh… I am at my day job. But you’re right. Shit just bums me out.

  10. Anonymous 03/10/2010 at 10:41 am #

    Its wednesday!

  11. Anonymous 03/10/2010 at 10:43 am #

    It’s Wednesday

  12. anonymous 03/10/2010 at 10:55 am #

    Not where I live, yo! Study abroad, bish. I live in the future.

  13. ihadsevenfaces 03/10/2010 at 11:29 am #

    It’s Wednesday!? Neil, I appreciate your feedback. I hope you can appreciate mine, in all of it’s harshness. If you are totally bummered and take this totally serious… you have to take some serious criticism. My review was on the night as a whole. If you’re feeling raw about it, at the next show you can buy me a drink and we can talk business. Har Har, gday friends present and future. Also, thanks for the PR.

  14. Elyse 03/10/2010 at 11:46 am #

    I was under the impression this was a music blog written by my friends from back home… not an opportunity to insult people. You’re a great writer, and you might even know a thing or two about music, but please don’t make claims about my character or the validity of my opinion when you clearly don’t know me. It was just my opinion.

    See ya never.

  15. ihadsevenfaces 03/10/2010 at 11:50 am #

    Everybody so serious. Warm up a glass of milk yall and let’s take a nap.

  16. Pat 03/10/2010 at 12:04 pm #

    Wow, yeah develop really missed the mark on this one. The show was ill, great performances by some truly amiable dudes. Next time spend less time ‘twiddling your twat’ in the bathroom and maybe you won’t miss out on all the fun.

  17. anonymous 03/10/2010 at 12:25 pm #

    1. The author is entitled to her own opinion. It’s hers. If you don’t like it, go create your own blog and write about how chill you think everything is. The author also not only knows a thing or two about music, she knows three things about it.

    2. She is dating someone from your ‘friends from back home’, and therefore has a golden fucking throne position in that group. Also, the blog has contributions from people you’ve never met before.
    Now let’s all give it a goddamn rest. It was one post, on one blog, of one persons opinion about one shitty show from relatively obscure artists. Take some chill in the form of a pill!

  18. Anonymous 03/10/2010 at 3:22 pm #

    Personally had no trouble finding out who was playing or when and knew Tanlines cancelled hours before the show. Great job Hartford Party Starters, can’t wait for the next show!

  19. Anonymous 03/10/2010 at 4:02 pm #


  20. anonymous 03/10/2010 at 4:33 pm #

    Fuck obama’s socialism! Amiright?

  21. being awesome 03/11/2010 at 3:21 pm #

    best comment war I’ve seen in fucking ages. You’re all pretty uptight for a bunch of self professed party starters. We don’t do this shit over at Ogling Ed Hochuli though. We do it the old fashioned way. Cashing checks and snapping necks.

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