You on point, Fyfe?

9 Feb

Whenever I get around to finish building my time machine – the first step on my departure towards mega success as a 70’s rock star – I think I’ll invite Fyfe Dangerfield to come along a few decades back. He can join my band. I picture myself igniting a face melting guitar solo while he’s sauntering around the stage, eyes closed, mic loosely flopping in his hand with the gyrations of his body. The man’s got the British swagger ladies love, so I figure he’ll make for a suitable frontman.

Until I get that ball rolling, I’ll be listening to what he’s been putting out without me (and his band Guillemots, for that matter). It’s damn good. Solo, Dangerfield may spark a bit more hype than with his very hit-or-miss indie outfit. His album Fly Yellow Moon will be released in the States come later this month.

*How this usually goes is we introduce an artist, throw a few tracks your way, and then maybe append some DJ’s “re-interpretation” of a song to the bottom of the post. Not the case for Dangerfield. The Monarchy remix of She Needs Me is surprisingly tremendous. Although the track feels a lot like an extension of the original, it adds a much appreciated danceability. Perhaps my favorite song of the decade – so far. First and foremost, check it:

(Grab the Monarchy mix through the Soundcloud player)

The rest:

When You Walk In The Room

Well, Love Does Furnish A Life

She Needs Me


One Response to “You on point, Fyfe?”

  1. ryan S 02/10/2010 at 11:28 am #

    “walk in the room” has a great vocal. remix?

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