Teengirl Fantasy/Adventure/Beach Fossils @Market Hotel [2/5/09]

6 Feb

Teengirl Fantasy (tracks here) started the night with a trippy set, interrupted by a blown fuse, and ending with an onstage joint puff puff pass…epic.

Adventure took the psychedelic ambient music to the next level, juggling beers, cigs, and synthesizers

The crowd started getting pretty rowdy for Beach Fossils…their chill surf pop brought about the question, “how do you mosh to chillwave?” (-guy with a partially shaved head and secret stash of modelos in his leather jacket)


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  1. Richard D. James? « yeah….Develop - 03/02/2010

    […] Almost. Could Aphex Twin be hiding in the states? ahem, well…The Shams will be rocking Brooklyn’s Glasslands this saturday (3/6) and monday (3/8) with Picture Plane and Oberhofer for 8 bucks if you wanna check him out (solid lineup for cheaps). He’s all over the scene. We inadvertently spotted him last month onstage bumming cigs off of Adventure at Market Hotel […]

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