Free Gucci

5 Feb

if you’ve been hurtin for some new hip hop, look no further. Diplo (whose fantastic remix of Private’s My Secret Lover we featured on Tuesday) has compiled a list of remixes of the best tracks from Gucci Mane’s Cold War Mixtape Series. Contributors include Bird Peterson, Memory Tapes, and Flying Lotus among others. Sample a couple of my favorites below and grab the whole list from mad decent. cheers

‘member: track info and download options are on the right side of the soundcloud player!

Full Tracklisting:

1.Danger’s Not A Stranger (Diplo Remix)(soundcloud^^)
2.Dope Boy (Bird Peterson Remix)(soundcloud^)
3.Excuse Me (Memory Tapes Remix)(mp3)
4.No No No (Brodinski & Monsieur Monsieur Remix)
5.Frowny Face (Douster Remix)
6.Frowny Face (Emynd Remix feat Playboy Tre)
7.Im Expectin (Teenwolf Remix)
8.Boi (Zomby Remix)
9.My Shadow (Salem Remix)
10.Excuse Me (Diplo Remix)
11.Photo Shoot (Flying Lotus Remix)
12.I Be Everywhere (Mumdance Remix)(mp3)
13.I Be Everywhere (DZ Remix)
14.Im The Shit (Benzi & Willy Joy Remix)
15.Break Yourself (Diplo Remix feat Lil B)


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