Big Club Sound Marcel Woods 2010 Release

4 Feb

I’ve forgotten the exact date but here’s the latest from Marcel- the guy who blew up after hooking up with Tiesto. That big club sound characteristic of Guetta and his melodies still lives on in 2010  and is very much a part of Wood’s techno but it’s less of: “oh I’m a cheery hippy and like to pick flowers and put them into rifles and put them up my bum and put them in my mouth and eat them with a smile on my face”. On the whole it is a meaner track- something I would liken to my homework buddy Anthony Rother – another library mustard. Really a lot of electro has taken on an ominous enchantment, I think this is derived from the pervasive pessimism that is establishing itself in the mainstream psyche- like they say, if you want to judge the mental state of a society or a subculture, reference that society’s artwork and make rational inferences. Enough shit philosophy here’s some fucking tracks;


One Response to “Big Club Sound Marcel Woods 2010 Release”

  1. ryan S 02/05/2010 at 11:40 am #

    that fuggin t-shirt

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