Private Parts and Secret Lovers

3 Feb

Danish pop-group Private‘s single my secret lover has been floating around the net since 2007, followed by the similarly infectious track we got some breaking up to do. in fact, it was our longtime favorite blog TTSO (RIP) where i first picked up the latter, which makes writing this post feel weird in a good way (like going to the gym drunk -ab). although they’ve topped the charts in Denmark, Private have managed to keep themselves somewhat, erm, private around these parts (heh). this is the UK-version of the video to go along with the 2010 UK release of my secret lover, which features remixes by, among others, Diplo and Lifelike. Diplo’s mix is slowed down and has a hip hop / deep-bass-nine lounge feel to it; its excellent…

Note: to download a track through the soundcloud player, click on the downward pointing arrow.

Lifelike’s mix is faster w his signature synths, funky bass and crisp kick drum. Get it below (heh), along with Private’s original singles. Alright, enough with the innuendos. Go dance.

Private – My Secret Lover (Lifelike Remix)
Private – My Secret Lover
Private – We’ve Got Some Breaking Up To Do


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