TONIGHT: Asobi Seksu & Arms

29 Jan

The semester has hardly started, which means that midterms are just around the corner! But instead of worrying about that on a frigid friday night, why not check out le poisson rouge? (vvv)

its a great space, and tonight its gonna be filled with great music. If you’re not familiar, Asobi Seksu (“play sex”) is a shoegaze/ dream pop band from New York. Their beautiful vocals (sometimes in English, sometimes in Japanese, sometimes a combo) are provided by Yuki Chikudate, while James Hanna brings layer upon layer of fuzzy guitar. The result is something simultaneously upbeat and melancholy… Basically, if Lost In Translation were a band, that band would be asobi seksu(?) I’ve been a huge fan since their 2006 album Citrus, which I would highly recommend. Check out the video for their song Transparence, which is from their 2009 album Hush:

gimme dat

playing with seksu is Todd Goldstein’s new project ARMS.

his music is driven by heartfelt, sometimes dark songwriting, underscored by simple, dynamic guitar lines. Instrumentally, his sound is very American-rock n roll: little bit of reverb, some occasional twang… this stuff even borders on country at some points. some have compared him to conor oberst, probably because he can sound a bit whiny at times. either way, Todd makes good pop tunes. the single Shitty Little Disco will be great live…

oh i almost forgot, both of these performances will be acoustic. how intimate is that? no its seriously gonna be a good show, check out this media and look into tix. if this all looks a bit soft, check out The Crystal Method’s DJ set over at webster hall… 19+ and only $1 before midnight. Bmo will definitely be there slam-dancin so be sure to say whatup.

To see all of our recommended performances around New York for the month of February, check out our new and improved Almighty List. If you think we’ve missed one, let us know!


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  1. beatsmart 02/01/2010 at 4:29 pm #

    Tank! Ha!

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