Let’s Take It Slow

8 Jan

Hell the mixes been?

Ah, you know. Well, uh, things kept coming up and we’ve all been a little… With this time of year and all…Baby, I was gonna get back to you sooner, I swear!

YeahD has been YeahDickin’ around. A bit unhurried to toss the goods atcha. But we haven’t forgotten your needs, Honey! We know what you like! We know what you gotta haaaave.

So let’s pick this relationship up a bit. Don’t worry. We’ll take it slow for right now. Nice and slow.

I’ll keep it nice and sweet, cushy, kushy. Might bite a little…but just a play nibble. Sum like thissss.

Hm hm. (wink)

Now. Here’re the goods


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