Pumpin the Litermeter

7 Jan

holy shit its 2010…. and its fuggin freezing outside. that’s why i’m staying indoors, gettin cozy with this mash-up of mf doom’s My Favorite Ladies and Flying Lotus’ Litermeter. the best part about this mash-up is that it sounds like an original production. doom’s signature flow and FlyLo’s drippy instrumental compliment each other so well, it makes me think they should collaborate for real.


You might recognize Flying Lotus’ sound from Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. His fusion of cartoons and hip hop is reminiscent of Nujabes’ work on Samurai Champloo, and the instrumentals are quite similar (ergo, quite excellent). Check out FlyLo’s website to sample more of his tunes while you blow up some asteroids, and also be sure to hit up our new blog friend Unique Forms of Continuity, run by a pretty girl who sent me this one way back in 2009.


One Response to “Pumpin the Litermeter”

  1. uniqueforms 01/09/2010 at 8:47 pm #

    thanks for the addition of “pretty girl.” you know i’m vain like that.

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