Black Moth Super Rainbow Album Review

14 Dec

Eating Us-

Mmmm- something about bare feet and rolled up dungarees, total turn on.   Black Moth Super Rainbow (fucking mouthful) does me another, manging to make me feel like I’m on a space mission while keeping it farmy (11.American Face Dust). Definitely a band to look out for; will they keep it indie or progress to those driven dancy pop sounds like the track Twin of Myself ?  Though I do think this band could use  more direction and the album cover needs work, some songs just hit a mood on the nose with a hammer.  Personally I’d order just my favorite tracks and not even bother with the whole album experience- those feet start to get funky on 08., 09., 10., 12. Check out the track Iron Lemonade, progressive but gets really noisy n starts to stress me out.  Born on a Day, Dark Bubbles, Twin of Myself (of course), Gold Splatter, Tooth Decay, Fields are Breathing and even Smile the Day After Today are must haves that grow on you. IF you haven’t heard of them already check out their 07 album Dandelion Gum : Sun Lips, Melt Me, Rollerdisco, Neon Syrup for Cemetery Sisters, and Spinning Cotton Candy in a Shack Made of Shingles.  Serious headphone music.

1. Born on a Day the Sun Didn’t Rise
2. Dark Bubbles
3. Twin of Myself
4. Gold Splatter
5. Iron Lemonade
6. Tooth Decay
7. Fields Are Breathing
8. Smile the Day After Today
9. Sticky
10. Bubblegum Animals
11. American Face Dust

2 Responses to “Black Moth Super Rainbow Album Review”

  1. terminallychill 12/29/2009 at 8:15 pm #

    yooooo your blog rocks!! you hear that new super moth album yet?

    • ch0pstick 12/29/2009 at 9:47 pm #

      cheers terminallychill

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